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Starting Occupation: Firefighter
Group Membership: Red Rum
Goals: Making Malton a better looking place through cleansing of idiocy, and anyone else who may be in the way.
Username: Druuuuu
More details: Urban Dead profile

Ocular is an anti-idiocy crusader. Because all you can see in Urban Dead is descriptions, any misspellings, glaring grammatical errors, or numerals in your username will push one further into the HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE. However, he just likes to shoot people.

Ocular prefers to remain human, but is more than happy to become a Zambah, and kill you again. He prefers guns, as melee is too inefficient, but is not afraid to cut the haters.

Ocular usually travels around the south of Malton, looking for idiots, invalids, or anyone who he feels like killing, and does so quickly and without mercy.

Recent News

JAN 9 2008 - Ocular scores four kills in a row. He is so proud! Thanks go out to GnuTech, DeadbeforeDawn, volare1 and Harvey Corpsman.

DEC 31 2007 - Ocular is back out of deep cover. Have a happy (bloody) new year!

DEC 10 2007 - Ocular is involved in a highly classified covert sting operation.

DEC 03 2007 - Ocular takes part in the Siege of Jerusalem. Fun was had by all!

NOV 28 2007 - Ocular joins Red Rum. Let the drinking begin!

NOV 27 2007 - Ocular is now KOS on the Rogues Gallery. And it only took actively hunting down the DEM and other maintainers of the "service". Good job, guys!

Sometime in-between these two dates - Ocular has decided he does not like the DEM. He now considers all members of DEM KOS, especially the Forensics team. Why? Because.

Ocular is looking for a PKer group. If you are a PKer group and not lame, please contact him on the wiki.

NOV 19 2007 - Ocular is now maxed out, with the exception of Brain Rot.

How to not be killed

  1. Don't have numbers in your name
  2. Don't look at Ocular
  3. Don't confront Ocular about his PKing
  5. Don't wear a trenchcoat
  6. Don't be lame (Ocular will judge on his sole discretion on matters of lameness)

Number Killed

Who knows? Ocular doesn't keep track of a number of kills, as he considers it a classless act, however it is Red Rum policy to keep track of kills. He usually averages one a day, sometimes more, depending on his current stock of ammunition and relative location. Ocular, being maxed out, has leveled almost entirely on PKing, so his kills could quite possibly be (and most probably is) in the hundreds.

god, I am waaaay too lazy to count these damn things. its a lot. trust me

  • Jan 2008: 22 kills
  • Dec 2007: 23 kills
  • Previously: A whole lot. At least 3500 XP worth, according to my levels (approximately 140 kills since May 2007).