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dudemeister, The Randoms; Delta Cult


dudemeister was abandoned by wolves in the suburbs of Malton and subsequently raised by South Malton's native Celts; though she took easily to their ways and customs of kilts and woad-frenzies, she could not shake the nagging feeling that she ought to be biting someone. Expelled from Madame Agatha's Finishing School For Delightful Girls at a young age following a tragic accident which saw her ballet instruction classmates vandalized with marker-mustaches, dudemeister turned to a life of villainy so dastardly even the most thorough of historians (in whose numbers this author flatters himself with inclusion) find themselves reluctant to set it to paper. Today, she has scrambled up from the bowels of infamy to become a respected and cherished leader of the Randoms, commanding a squad of elite zealots who fly into fits of ecstasy at the veriest thought of being asked to murder (or barricade) for their Mistress; the only reminders of her sordid past are her curious attachment to pimp-accoutrement, and the occasional graceful pirouette as she thrusts kitchen utensils into her enemies.

Cookie.jpg A FREE COOKIE
Cheeseman has given dudemeister a cookie for not being able to get chips and cheese at the chip shop.
Pimphat.jpg Pimp Hat Or No Revive!
dudemeister refuses to inject you with the blue stuff unless you're wearing a magnificent pimp hat.

Logolight.jpg Randoms Member
This user is a member of The Randoms; a Buttonville-based group of helpful, jovial and incredibly attractive survivors.

Burnthewitch.jpg ZOMGZ SRD!!!
This user or group is suspected to be SRD by paranoid victims of his asshattery.
Don't believe the LIES!

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