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Duke cage.jpg

This is a zoomed in photo of Duke Cage about to throw a zombie off a roof onto another zombie that is just as stupid to mess with Duke Cage...

Duke Cage is the baddest blackest fireman-pirate hero evar. He eats zombies instead of them eating him. He is that fucking hardcore.

Second Horseman of Team Zombie Hardcore. Leader of the The Dhestroyers.

Key Allies Include:
Dhavid Grohl, Mark Whalberg, Big Nixon, Papa Nixon, Morris O'Brian, Mike Smith, Shirly Logan, ObiFireFighter and Scotw

Email: WARNING: Do NOT email me if you don't hate zombies. I don't even want to hear it.

FFTZH.jpg Fhoo Fhighter
This User is a Hardcore Rocker for Mark Whalberg!
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