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I'm pretty much a rookie player right now, but I'm getting involved in Malton slowly. I've got a few characters, some played more than others.


-Grakkar, my Zombie. Going somewhat dual-natured right now due to an obscene number of Combat Revives...

-Kip Arnon, a Field Agent for Necrotech, doing missions for them both to help survivor efforts...and yield some generous hazard pay from Necrotech!

-Kraven Moorhead, a pistol-toting aristocrat (Or so he thinks!). Not sure exactly what'll become of him...


-EchoEnder, my main. A police officer who, hopefully, is joining the ECF to help keep Edgecombe safe. INACTIVE AT THIS TIME.

-Blade Slayer, my Trenchcoater. I created him as a joke, to be the stereotypical trenchcoater, but he's kinda grown up and is starting to help with the 'cade plan in Milen Hills. INACTIVE AT THIS TIME.

-Chompzilla, a brand new zombie that I haven't done much with. Yet. INACTIVE AT THIS TIME

That's about it...

--Echo 01:05, 24 June 2007 (BST)

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