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October 15th 2007 - 12h57 - The killers strike back

I didn't want to believe in the D.A.R.I.S. return. But in the end I actually saw one of them. He died in front of me, but managed to get revived, and ran away. Shearbank isn't safe anymore for an inexperienced doctor like me. I don't mind fighting the hordes of the zombies. Fighting the madmen isn't my job, however.

I took a NecroTech ID card on the dead body of a survivor. With it, I could gain access to the basic NT Data Center, and register myself as a NecroTech employee. I'll get some rest, then I'll move from my actual hiding point to some NT building. Maybe if I study long enough I will find a cure to this terrible disease.

October 12th 2007 - 12h35 - Lazarus

Oh gosh... I woke up this morning with the worst headache I had in my life. Worst than all the headaches I had after the med school parties. My clothes were all stained with blood and other things I'd better not find about. I have an hard time remembering, but I recall a zombie... My, he was looking like Dee Snyder, the Twisted Sister leader, but he was dead!!

And now I have this huge needle hole at the back of my head. It's still bleeding like hell. I found an empty NecroTech syringe case on the ground. Actually, there's a lot of them. It seems this place is a massive revification spot. I don't know where I am, I don't even know if I am in Shearbank anymore.

But now, I need some rest before I can really stand up. I don't think anyone could take me for alive. I'm a thinking dead body. I'll stay some time here, sleeping, then I'll go and find somewhere to leave.

  • Some pages here are stained with blood, and other strange organic fluids *

October 10th 2007 - 12h43 - Shearbank security compromised

My trip to Huntley Heights were forced, at best. I should have looked at those barricades before I left Lazarus General Hospital. All those safe entry points in Shearbank are over-barricaded. I found no entry point. Until things change, I cannot go back home.

Finding Gabe Building closed as well, I managed to get into Solomon Lane Police Department (Huntley Heights). The nearby buildings were surrounded by zombies, but I couldn't get anywhere safer.

At least, my skills were usefull, as I found a very wounded man lying in there. I hope those guys in here will be able to keep the zeds outside. I need to get some rest before I can go back to Shearbank.

October 9th 2007 - 15h42 - Broadcasting bullshit

I've been busy today, gathering around a solid healing kit. I plan to go out today, and head toward Huntley Heights, or maybe Roachtown, where I hope to find survivors of the recent zombies overrun. I'll help out healing the wounded, then go back to Lazarus General Hospital.

Radiotransmission has been heavy today. Gross and displeasant anonymous messages, verbal threats, all sort of junk, went through the radio. I've discovered something: communication through our cluster's suburbs pass through the 26.09 MHz frequency. Alas, I can't help setting it below 28.00 MHz, as it requires messing with the electronical components of the transmitter.

Meanwhile, the crude opera goes on the 28.01 MHz, and I'm very tired of it. I miss the fresh air of the outside world. Tomorrow... I must plan my trip now. If someone could tell me where the zombies are gathering...

October 9th 2007 - 7h04 - Huntley Heights crisis

The more I get involved in that crisis, the more it becomes frightening. Earlier this night, a police officer came from Huntley Heights. The police station he has been securing was overrun by zombies. The poor thing was so scared, he wasn't able to say if he came from Solomon Lane Police Department or Kirby Boulevard Police Department. I called for help on the radio, but our transmitter is set on the 28.01 MHz. I'm not exactly sure how those things works, so I didn't changed the frequency.

We'd need a specific frequency for our immediate cluster, so we could always ask for help... I'll ask.

October 8th 2007 - 21h36 - Protecting Shearbank

I've listened to stories about how the Shearbank suburb, dans their dread ennemies, the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs. I've listened to this old man telling me about the rise of the Shearbank Liberation Army, and explaining me the Shearbank Barricade Plan. With this new knowledge, I'll be able to stay alive longer, and maybe wander farther out of the Lazarus General Hospital vicinity. Alas, my members are still ankylosed, and it will take a lot of training before being able to enter those extremely heavy barricades.

I don't know who's in charge of the Shearbank protection, but I'm willing to help. I've lost every little thing I had, I want to consider Shearbank my home.

October 8th 2007 - 18h52 - Nightmare

Greetings to all who find this diary. If anyone finds out about the madness here in Malton, it will serve as a witness of all I will encounter during what remains of my short life.

My name is Eduardo de la Primavera. I was a clinical pathologist working at Lazarus General Hospital, in the Shearbank district of Malton. I don't know what happened, but everything went black some years ago. My last clear memories are several years old, and it seems I've stayed myself hospialised at Lazarus Hospital, in a deep coma.

And now that I'm awake, it seems like a nightmare.

At least, Lazarus Hospital is a safehouse against the invasion. The people here told me everything I needed to know. And yet, there's so much to discover. Blasted NecroTech. Everything is their fault!

I found that mask on my room's desk. A green latex mask, the one like the luciadors had when I watched the lucha libre, back in Mexico. I'll wear it. Here I am, El Diablo Verde. I'll stand back against NecroTech, stand back against the infection! I'll stand back against them all.

For now, I try to help as much as I can. While patrolling, I found that colleague of mine. Dr. AnotherZed, struggling against the zombies outside Club Pengelly. I healed his wound as best as I could. And that guy, Stephen Vallis, who stumbled out of exhaustion in our hospital, half dead and running sick with those zombies' damned infection. I tried to cure him as good as I could.

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