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Thebrookesarms1.gif A Brookes Arms Regular
This user hangs out at the Brookes Arms and enjoys the fine arts of getting pissed and wrecking. Let's have a round of pints!

Beer.jpg The Blessed Day of Beer
This user or group is attending Biertag and should not be held accountable for his/her actions on the night of July 8th.
the Reverend Horton Heat
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
Date of Birth: 1959
Ethnicity: Anglo-American
Nationality: Native born U.S. American & illegal British

(let visa expire due to Malton Incident)

Original Area of Influence: Deep Ellum, East Dallas, Texas,

United States

Character Class: Cleric, bard, rogue
Favorite Equipment: Guitar
Favorite Weapon: Duel Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolvers
Backup Weapon: Cricket bat, Louisville Slugger,

Arkansas Toothpick, Stark Fist of Removal

Favorite Cocktail: Classic martini (his time in post-quarantine

Malton causes the Zombie to be close)

Intelligence Quotient: 137
Current Operational Status: Active (1977-) --- Alive
Location: The Brookes Arms in Wyke Hills,

Malton, United Kingdom

Marital Status: Unknown (divorced at least once)
Kills: Numerous
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Ecclesiastic, musician, gang leader,

farmer, charlatan, mixologist

Group: Full-Custom Gospel
Journal: Well hidden (It should be found soon)
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