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Short Story: Wolfgang Puck's entry to Rosslessness' short story competition:

Mah Ham Zabarb

Bah Rrrgang

Am Rrrgang. Am ah Graagh Haaghz zambah, mah mahb RGang.

Graagh Haaghz hab manah zambahz, nah manah harmanz. Zan, harmanz brang bang-bang. Nah, Graagh Haaghz hab manah harmanz, nah manah zambahz. An mah bananaz m!zz!ng. Az nah ragh!

Am nah habbah. Harmanz harm Rrrgangz branz, an nah g!b ham anah azbr!n. Rrrgang agzg harmanz, “g!b mah zambah azbr!n!” Harmanz gah har-har. Azzgrabbarz.

Graagh Haaghz haz manah barnz. Zah baz barnz mah ham, Rrrgangz Bag Man Barn. Az naz barn! Bagh harmanz hab. Rrrgang brrrrh azzagh zah barn.

Rrrgang zmargh zambah. Zmazh Mrh?-zhan barn barraghagz. Harmanz mrh mah zambah, magh Rrrgang harman. Rrrgang grab rab!a, graagh, MAHR ZAMBAHZ, GRAAGH HAAGHZ! HARB MAH ZAMBAH GRAB HAM!

Zah M!n!anz ran Graagh Haaghz, harb Rrrgang grab haz ham.

Rrrgang habbah agan. Bagh haz bananaz m!zz!ng, zah Rrrgang nah b HABBAH. Zaz habbah. Az arragh, Rrrgang gannah grab anazzarh banana, an zam azbr!n.

elbert gray [survivor] Tikhon Medical's janitor. Usually hangs out in Ruddlebank and wolfs down cheesy poofs.


Wolfgang Puck [zombie] Fearless leader of RGang, but feels sorta lonely right now. Usually hangs out in Grigg Heights and wolfs down survivors. When he can catch them.

Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.

A Giant Cheesy Poof [poof] Usually idle, shows up when things are boring just to give survivors and zombies alike something to hunt. He's an elusive poof, though.

Wolfgang's Banana [zombie] Yep. Wolfgang's a rotter, and his bananaz m!zz!ng agan. Like Poof, Banana is usually idle, but will emerge for fun and games.

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