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Elliot Hatman
Starting Occupation: Embittered detective
Group Membership: Alone, usually
Goals: Stay alive. If dead, stay dead until an opportunity to be alive presents itself. Lend assistance to those who need it. Get in too deep. Be a consumate anti-hero.
Username: Ben
More details: Urban Dead profile

I'm not on the wiki all that frequently but if you want to leave a message for me, the talk page beckons. :)

I play one main character at the moment, Elliot Hatman, who is sometimes alive and sometimes dead. I enjoy the RP of being alive more, but with the Survivor-Zombie Imbalance the way it is, I figure it helps a little if I play as zed too. Update: Now that the game is pretty balanced (at least in terms of numbers) I simply play whichever I am.

Here is a little about my main guy.

A Little

Elliot was a detective before it all started. Now he wanders around in a film-noir sort of fashion, shooting zombies and standing dramatically under streetlights.

At first, Elliot drifted around, spending the night in barely secure buildings, eating out of trash cans, chasing rats and dancing with wolves. This got old, so Elliot looked around for survivors to link up with and came to the suburb of Pashenton, around lvl 8 by this stage.

For a while Elliot was holed up in Breeden Way PD. After Shearbank and DARIS were crushed, some survivors from the whole debacle fled East through Pashenton and so brought a pestilence upon us. Breeden Way went down after several days, and Elliot fought a rearguard action from one safehouse to the next across Pashenton. Of particular note was the fighting around Dungey Alley PD, which was touch and go for over a week longer than it should have been, before the survivors finally fell back to the other side of the suburb. It was to no avail as Pashenton was overrun after a few weeks of fighting. Elliot withdrew to Dulston to take stock and rearm. Pashenton has since been retaken, but Elliot wasn't around for that.

Dulston was Dullsville, so Elliot moved on, by this time having just maxed out both survivor and zombie skill trees. After a few weeks to-ing and fro-ing, killing zeds, Elliot heard about Mall Tour '06 and made his way to Caiger Mall. Originally a survivor, Elliot figured that there were too many survivors for it to be interesting, so went outside and invited his zombie bretheren to gnaw at him. He smashed at the barricades to his heart's content, and sometimes they creaked. He broke in with about six other zombies and together they did some eating. Elliot infected about ten people. After that he went back to smashing the barricades.

After it became obvious that a mass of survivors with an infinite supply of barricades couldn't be beaten by a smaller mass of zombies (how often do you see THAT in zombie movies? more survivors than zombies!), Elliot shuffled on. Finding that almost all buildings in near suburbs were underdefended due to the swarming at Caiger, Elliot often broke into places and ate people, until being combat revived. Elliot didn't mind, however, and set out on an epic journey back to Pashenton. On arriving, Elliot discovered that rumours of Pashenton's liberation had been greatly exaggerated, and moved into Dulston to take stock.

After taking stock, Elliot came to two conclusions. Firstly, radios allowed people to spam in more ways than ever before, and secondly, Dulston had three zombies in it, one of which was waiting for a revive. Dulston being Dullsville, Elliot is on his way to new hunting grounds. Ironically, less than a week after Elliot left Dulston out of boredom, the RRF announced the commencement of major operations in the area. The irony was utterly lost on Elliot, who had been ambushed while sleeping in a nondescript building in Lamport Hills. Not to be outdone, zombie Elliot quickly burst into a nearby police station and dragged out a survivor, introducing him to the zombie lifestyle.

Elliot, consumate hypocrite that he is, didn't stay dead for long, and was seen in Rolt Heights alive and well. He is seemingly on the move.