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Mateo San Pelayo
Race: Rotten Human
Class: Civilian (Firefighter)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Green-Blue
Rank: None
Contact Info: [ UDprofile ]
Journal: ``My diary´´ for Mateo San Pelayo

¡¡¡You have found the diary of MATEO SAN PELAYO!!!

If you see Mateo San Pelayo click in discussion and write there what happens, will be used to write diary. I apologize if the translation into English is not entirely correct, I am not an expert speaking English but I try to write the simplest and best I can. You can correct mistakes you find, if you want

2009: The day when the hell came to earth

Before everything happened, lived in a small house in Snelgrove Way, Tapton. Over the past month, I trained both mentally and physically to enter Morrhall Drive Fire Station to work as a firefighter, the work that I had always wanted to work.

The morning that all went to hell as I rose an average day, I took my breakfast, I kissed my wife and my son and I went to my first day at my job. On the way to work, a bloodied person crossed into the path of my 4x4, never forget how bones rattled under the heavy wheels of the car. Nor forget the stupid feeling of guilt that I felt before I knew it was a fucking zombie. I braked the car and looked around, saw a group of 20 people who were pursuing other 2, there was a lot of blood. I turned and went to home to check on my wife and son. I could not get home, about 20 people smashed through the car and had to stay on the road, fell down an earthen ramp and my car crashed into a tree. I left as I could and went home when I arrived, the house was on fire and could still hear the screams of my loved ones ...

Do not know how long I could survive alone, hiding where and with whom he could at any time. In (13 Dec 2009)At a station I could arm myself with a pair of pistols and a shotgun, just a matter of time I learned to use them with ease. I found a radio in the same police station, a day on waking, heard a voice on the radio that went something like:

``wakes with a friendly voice´´ 26.12

The friendly voice came from Grigg Heights, so I decided to move because a horde of zombies was advancing from Kempsterbank ... Finding himself alone, was touring the suburbs of Tapton, Greentown, South Blythville to reach Mornington. There I found the order of the Black Rose.

Black rose.jpg OBR Member

Mateo joins in the OBR

2010 The Order of the Black Rose in Merson Building

30 December, I got weapons, was ready to move into the territory of the Order of the Black Rose, was easy to find in Mudford Plaza Police Dept. At the beginning of the year and was in Mornington, I received information that the OBR was preparing for the arrival of the horde of zombies that came on my trail. Their headquarters was established in the Merson Building, I stationed here since 2nd January 2010. A month later, on 2nd February, there was a major attack, a zombie entered the building after a window, happened to be so close that it could cause seriously injured in the arm, if members of the order had not been there to stop the infection, have died. The attack had been unprecedented, they gradually accumulating more zombies at the gates of Merson, attracted by the lights.

On the 6th Febrary, a large group of zombies broke the doors, many of the 50 people who were entrenched were trying to make the zombies not enter the police station and the nearby hospital. That weakened the defenses of Merson and us little we could do to avoid that killed several of the people there.

I fled to the south, scattered order, and began to secure some southern Crooketon buildings. Soon I received news of the new location of the order ...

Rebuilding OBR District

After fleeing the Merson Building, I went into a hospital called Methodius General Hospital (Feb. 6). Seeking some kits to heal my wounds.After calm, received by radio the new location of the OBR, were in the Curme Building. The OBR settled on this site as a temporary headquarter (8 Feb-), were away, but the path I followed allowed me to skirt the line of hundreds of zombies walking in the vicinity of the Merson Building. I went to The Curme Building, on the way, i stopped in The Breeden Arms,and heal Alicia Witt, a survivor that I recall was in the assault of the Merson Building.

After returning to be close to the OBR, I went to the core formed by the police deparment called Ashenden Way Police Dept and the hospitals, St Andrew's Hospital and Sixtus General Hospital. There he again met Alicia Witt and some other survivor, together we worked on restoring the core. But we were few survivors, maintain the buildings began to be difficult on (March 13), some zombies began knocking on doors, and we could hold out until (March 21), the last thing I remember is how the zombies came through 3 windows at once and fell over Alicia Witt and me, the pain was horrible ...

The other side

The days 14 and 15 March the memory as if it were a dream. I just remember pain and hunger, the body of Alicia Witt, still not moving but seemed a bit alive. I remember walking the streets aimlessly, and I remember a light in a house, I could not help start knocking on doors because there was food inside and I was hungry, but hungry different from normal. When in and saw a person, I remember rushing to her and biting part of his face, I needed to prove more of such food. When I went to try another bite I received a blow on the head, but not hurt. I went outside and headed instinctively to the Merson building. On the way I felt a sharp jab in the neck, I fainted and I dreamed with pain, when I woke up I was again, I could not believe it, death is no longer something definitive. Since that day I decided to put a label on the shirt where I wrote ``Revive ME´´

Returning to life

I was terrified, even though the order had been informed that I could come back to life, I never would have imagined how horrible it was to be a zombie. I could only feel pain and hunger, something seemed to enjoy hiding behind all this suffering, but soon faded to give way to a growing in pain.

I opened my eyes, I saw several zombies knocking the doors of a house and decided not to move, I was too weak to run the four blocks that separated me from the nearest building open. I had to go Merson and recover me. My smell was not a person still alive, the zombies still did not notice me.

When I thought I had enough strength, I stood up. Several zombies were fixed in my movements were not like theirs. I was dizzy by the transformation, but I started running toward the west. As soon as I found an open door I went inside, several of the zombies went long, but the last two entered the building. I ran upstairs and jumped out the window, I fell over the roof of a shop in the neighborhood of Youl Drive. It was easy to get to the Merson Building.

Once there, Firekid prepared me one of his famous noodle soup, soup that I knew as the best food. Study recovered in two days, I decided that what happened to me, it should not happen again. I had to improve my survival kit to see an attack coming in time to act. The following week I was traveling to Ackland Mall, reports said the supermarket was in the hands of survivors. I arrived on March 26 at 9:15 am


I managed to enter Ackland Mall with a rope climb to the roof (I have practice, remember that I am a firefighter). When I entered the building I was amazed at how many people were there. People rushed looking for anything, while one group was held to organize the survivors. Many of the survivors were not there to secure the place and keep it safe, they were there out of greed. Then I realized that I was no different, I was not there to save anyone, but to seek to improve my survival kit. Of all the people there, only a small percentage helped with security at the site. I realized then, that many times we are alone despite being surrounded by people, we are not so different from the zombies at the end of the day. I was ashamed of being human, but I hate the fucking zombies, What was the solution when there isn`t suicide?

On March 27 and had the glasses I wanted, and I also had found a portable gasoline generator. I put a shotgun hidden in the sports shop. It was time to aim at my border, i was outside the district of the OBR and disgusted me knowing that my teammates did not close.

I walked to Lerwill Heights, I decided I would work in that area, the OBR was safe and could start working for Lerwill Heights. I looked around the northeastern suburbs, came to Tarasius General Hospital, when I saw the hospital, I quickly realized that was a former psychiatric, inside was light and seemed to hear people, I did not know if it comes, did not want to meet a bunch of dangerous lunatics. There, I know a number of good friends, the Squadron1111 (29 March).


Tarasius Gen.jpg

A few zombies crowding the doors trying to get inside. When I went for a second floor window, I saw a large number of people in the hall of psychiatric hospital, some of them had a shield on the arm with the inscription: 1111

Of the 40 people who should have been there over 20 belonged to the Squadron1111. There I met Dr Coriell, was working at a table with something that looked like blood, when I went to talk to him, told me he was tried in trying to find a cure for those infected. Beside him, also was working xuanwu, I think your search is very honest, but my hatred for these creatures made it impossible to understand that they and I were of the same nature.

While talking to Dr Coriell and xuanwu, a guy approached us. Lucas was another good friend I could find on the road. We warned that the zombies were starting to hit hard the barricades, we decided to flip through all the barricades on the outskirts of the hospital. When we entered one of the many rooms, a zombie pounced on me, I raised my gun and got ready to smash his skull with a single shell.

xuanwu: Do not shoot ¡¡¡

The zombie stood three feet from me, was tied by the neck with a string. His neck was severely damaged by the blows that are tipped himself while trying to attack us.

Dr Coriell: It's a test subject, it samples for research.

Me: Have you got any progress?

Dr Coriell: Not now, but do not lose hope, we could immobilize recently the zombie, and take blood samples is not easy

For the good of all, I hope that their research will be successful.

My stay in Tarasius was nice, I notice my localicación OBR and in a couple of days, Little Chris approaches, have thanked a familiar face around. March 20, zombies began to hit hard, and murderers flu settled in the vicinity. The group of murderers began to make life impossible, destroying electricity generators, Boikot the barricades, and beside all this, more and more zombies began to accumulate at the door attracted by the shots and bustle. The March 29 evening, a member of the group of murderers called The FaIlen, entered by a window with a crowbar in hand, broke the gas generator, but the noise made me wake up, take my gun and fired two shots , But i didn't get white, unless I am accustomed to dynamic targets. The FaIlen went out the window he had opened, several zombies saw him and began to pursue him, but others might go out the window. Suddenly, everything became a mess, one of the zombies bitten in the shoulder Lucas, cameron shelley blew the head and as soon as I could, stuck a needle into the neck of Lucas. Another zombie had bitten Dr Coriell and was convulsing on the floor, stuck another needle in her leg and left convulsing. Within hours, had taken over the building and all returned to relative normality.

March 31, had 20 zombies on doors, the next day I decided to get closer to the Brennand Building for syringes to avoid problems like the ones we had. On April 3, I get bad news and decide to go to The Merson Building, ready to return while the weight of the zombies did break the barriers of the main gate and 10 zombies came through the door, xuanwu had been beaten in the head and he was bleeding, while I healed him a zombie dragged by one leg to the outside before I could do anything. Squadron1111 started shooting, a bloodbath like never seen before appeared before me, when they stopped firing, the smoke could not see much. Only I could hear the sound of the pieces of tile that fell on the remains of bodies. A shadow appeared from the smoke, all lifted the gun, and a faint voice said: Do not shoot, it was xuanwu. At this moment, I knew the lethal capacity of Squadron1111.

The next day, April 4, Squadron1111 gave me provisions and ammunition to return to the headquarters of the OBR. I said goodbye, waiting to see them again soon and I went to The Merson Building. On my way to pass through a factory in [25.60], and I heard snoring inside. What the hell was that?, I loaded my shotgun and went quietly, the entrance was not very tightly secured. When you reach the source of the noise, a pleasant surprise. He was there, alone, unaccompanied, with their arms resting on a meter, was The FaIlen. I put the barrel of my gun right in front of his heart. Did I want to become a murderer? , Become something like he?, Shooting something that was not dead?, Would do that to me worst person?. When a barrage of questions went through my head, I remembered the day that the bastard had come through that window, and how the zombies came in and kill several survivors. PSSS I said, The FaIlen opened his eyes. I winked and pulled the trigger. The shot went through his chest and a stupid expression was marked. While trying to catch their breath in vain, I said I'm not killing, I'm doing justice., and spat in his face.

Returning to the district

On April 4 at night, I came close to the Merson Building, from afar and I can see no light and the windows look broken. I meet Firekid in one of the adjoining buildings. It seems that a group of zombies are angry with us, too many shots to the head, I guess. We're here a couple of days, April 5 I I receive news, Tarasius General Hospital has fallen, I hope that Squadron1111 is well. We managed to rebuild the Merson Building on 6 April. Keep barricades occupies much of the day, between the zombies is one that has a particular fixation on me, I was able to extract DNA and it is Grumio, April 18, I find Grumio in Lees Boulevard Police Department was alive, but I am a man of few words, preferring to pull the trigger of my gun while pointing it at her neck to ask if my meat has a special flavor. On 27 April, the OBR thannhunter operation starts, it moves a group for the reconstruction of Crooketon, I have wanted some action.

2011: 7 months without writing

Long time no write, maybe I've been busy working in the district of the OBR, and death has brought with me for a long time. Much more painful than before, with much more hunger, and with more hatred.

Is January 27, 2011, this month was my birthday, I have not held, or yes, depending how you look. These 7 months I worked trying to fix the district OBR, but attacks increased during months and only remember as a wave of zombies knocked down thanhunterdown operation. Before the death to take me with her a second time, I made a couple of visits Squadron1111, the first was on May 25, I remember that the district was more or less calm, and came to the dinner. I had the pleasure of meeting tassajaramonk, we share a long conversation that night, I wanted to know how to organize the Squadron1111 and I was not disappointed in how they did, quite the opposite.

The second visit was on July 10, 2010. This time, I went to stay a week to take stock of batteries for radio repeaters in the Lerwill Heights, it seemed it would be a perfect week. On my way had found a box with a couple of bottles of Absinthe, and tassajaramonk prepared the food, the day of arrival was great. The sixth day, while many of us slept and appearing very rapidly, a mass of about 15 zombies at once threw themselves against the door, as his were coordinated. One of them lunged at me, the closest weapon I had, stupidly, it was my DNA extractor. When approached, gave a strong knee to his belly and dug the DNA extractor in the back of his skull. Fell to the ground dazed and my DNA extractor gave a beep and displayed his name, adeath4u. It made me laugh in the midst of all this madness. We had to evacuate honking Tarasius General Hospital, I went to the Merson Building as he had finished my work in the neighborhood.

Later I heard on the radio news from Tarasius General Hospital, always listen to see who are still alive.

Never knew more of Mateo San Pelayo, we assume that was converted and go walking the streets of the city. Her diary was found on the floor at the gates of Snelgrove Way. Maybe he wanted to go home, but his old life was gone.

If you see it, help me to write his story, CLICK IN DISCUSION

2013: The Dark Side

31/07/2013 Im in South Blythville destroying NT building, im dead

03/07/2013 Anyone revives me in South Blythville while trying to eat his face,I come alive in a building NT, my brain is rotten, I have trouble thinking clearly happened, remember Tarasius General Hospital, a black rose in The Merson Building... Xuanwu is in the building!!!!, it was incredible to see a familiar face after been dead more than a year.

04/07/2013 I meet Seth Ehre Myrrh near Tarasius General Hospital, he is dead and i use a rev. syr. in his neck

19/08/2013 My God, my soul is trapped inside my body. I feel hunger, but also the horror when I am tearing the face of my old friends. Do not want to, my God, I will not do it. Sorry. I have seen as I tore part of Xuanwu arm. I could not go where you told me, they caught me and now, I go back to the dark, sorry.

23/09/2013 I still Dead, today, i entered in the Maidment Building and I was bitten in the face Noah Wylie then began to beat her with all my might, I could not stop beating her and she tried to run to the exit. The last thing I remember is seeing his dying body to the doors of the building, especially in its bloody bloody neck. CorpseDozer and other zombies will finish off Noah Wylie.

17/10/2013 26.12 MHz: That's right everyone! Tower is back up and the Heights are prospering! Cell communication is back up, but the police station is occupied by 1 zed. If you have the time, updatesto the wiki would be muchappreciated. Can't do it all myself. This has been blacjak on the Heights. Goodnight everyone. This just in, the Heights have been infected with a rare strain of bacteria known as Donkey Pox. Survivors are urged to clean up their homes and spray away the infection. Anti-bacterial canisters are readily available at the junkyard..... the tone of voice is very familiar

18/10/2013 Today I killed two young boys, while I ate Nikkoh, wrabbit came to help. He could do nothing. After ending the life of his friend, died screaming. In Mesney Drive Railway Station, crooketon.

18/10/2013 Anger and violence have completely taken over my. I hate everyone, I want to kill them, do not want to see live. Dirty pig bastards. The wrath of the living also grows. They hit me, shoot me, but I feel no pain, pain is human. Pigs bastards. Yesterday RexLee shot me several times to make me fall, do not worry about my past, only my present, my new life he hates. I hate him. Today many of us try to get into the Pippard Building. They may repel us, but a poor out the door, shouting: Miguel Valdez said ``!VIVA MEXICO!´´. Then A zombie bit Miguel Valdez to death. Thank you for his flesh, my brother. Then I hear on the radio: 27.77 MHz: ``Active 1111 members strike on Tarasius North in progress..´´. Thinking of anger and anxiety take hold of me, just think of Tarasius ...

29/10/2013: I hear an awful voice 27.77 MHz: ``The Squadron is dead. Tarasius is in shambles. RIP 1111...´´ Then another voice, more familiar, says ``Squadron1111 is operating in the north.. Firemen Blaze, I am putting out a general recall to the 1111, time to come home!. Lets rally near St Willy in prep to strike TGH´´... a few minutes later... ``Attention!! ASafehouse has been established in Reganbank ... Come to Reganbank we have a safehouse in the Lantrowe building I need soldiers to hunt zombies meet me at 15, 55´´. I squealed deeply...

31/10/2013: Lantrowe building and my old friends

I arrived at the Lantrowe building, i started to hit the barricades of the building, i can saw the light inside, the force of the blows is increasing rapidly. Then, the doors yield. I enter sprinting, not running, sprinting. A few people who had inside me had no time to myself above them, they are having a halloween party, it looks like the 1111 are gone from here.. There were 3 people inside: Guito, Bunny Hopkins and, Boston Corbett, who was more scared than others. I throw myself against Guito, it was the closest he had and bite in the back of the head, but I get angry, because after stabbing the teeth in the neck, just get started a hairball. Bunny Hopkins comes over and grabs me from behind, but my old clothes breaks along with my flesh, which begins to be seriously rotten. I turn and bite him one breast, a scar that will have the rest of his life, it was delicious... Amidst all this frenzy hear on the radio:

27.77 MHz ``1111 Report to Margaret General Hospital in Ridley A.S.A.P!, Your lord and savior - tassajaramonk´´.

When I hear his name I just get myself more angry and punch it in the face that leaves her stunned. That name, which caused me love before, now makes me want to kill them all. Im sorry... Bunny Hopkins was beaten and she falls to the side of the door. I just want to go to end his life. But unexpectedly, I received a blow on the head that makes me fall to the floor, finished with my ability to kill her. Boston Corbett again hit in the head with his ax and it turns into a weird angle. Bunny Hopkins throws a vending machine in front of the door, but another zombie pushes and, once again, open the entrance. She runs to the radio broadcast:

``Lantrowe in Reganbank is under attack, Please send ammo and faks´´ from Lantrowe building, on 26.12 MHz.

While on the ground, I saw Boston Corbett beat the zombie that had thrown the vending machine, his head became liquid. Then, Boston Corbett grabbed Bunny Hopkins and they ran toward the upstairs vanished from the scene leaving a trail of blood.

When I could put in place, a smell attracted me was a sweet but strong odor, a smell green, acidic, but sweet. Out of a closet, when I come to it, the door bursts open and Guito falls on me. As soon as I see him I grabbed him tightly and start to bite hard shoulder. After the third bite, and had come to the meat. The bites were accompanied by the sound of banging and screaming, it was a fabulous scene, I felt a little more `` live´´. Once alone in the building, I fed Guito body, while giving me the feast, the radio sounded again:

26.12 MHz: ``It's a beautiful day here in the Heights, cades are up and not a zed in sight. 1111 just recently retook Tarasius Hospital in the south, making virtually all areas of the burb safe to live in. Remember to tell your friends to tune in to the Heights on 26.12, this is blacjak signing.´´

I only had a place to go.

4/11/2013: Once again, Tarasius General Hospital

It was about four blocks Tarasius General Hospital, from there, I could hear the noise, a sound very appealing. Screams, gunshots, cries, howls, life. I was about 25 feet from the door and I could see a small child had Rick Fury grabbed by the head and dragged him out, every two or three seconds, several shots out of the windows and collapsed one of my brothers. When Rick Fury was out, Rattus, another brother, pounced on, feeding on nonstop. Several members of Squadron1111 took him inside.

On the radio played without stopping:

• 27.77 MHz: ``Active 1111 members strike on Tarasius North in progress..´´

• 26.12 MHz: ``Tarasius was attacked last night by a group of 4 zeds. The cades were breached. Current status of the building is unknown.´´

While dealing with the wounded , the defenses fell and could reach the door . Running FiremenBlaze arrived , I had heard on the radio not long ago. He did not expect me to be in, and as soon as I arrived thumb nail in the eye of FiremenBlaze , squeezed with all my might , the same forces with which he cried . I hit two or three times heavily , was an easy target being blind. I grabbed him by the back and took off seriously injured. I was happy , I could finally make the dreams I had while listening radius that hung from my belt , increasingly broken. When I get out , my prey is snatched me hard , FiremenBlaze has been in a safe place , and now Cowboy dan pointing me to my chest with his gun. Press the trigger once and it makes me fall to the ground with ass . Then two figures appear behind him , a little girl and Tassajaramonk!! , the little girl raised his gun and put it to my head . Tassajaramonk said ``Hi Mateo´´ and then the girl pulled the trigger . The darkness invaded my thoughts for hours.