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Outskirt of Nixbank
You are Gregory Falkry. You have 50 Hit Points and Infinite AP...

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You are standing outside your Hideout. You feeling great after hearing that John Selthon Malton is in Nixbank, and hearing that were a chance that a time machine is exist. You begin your journey with stepping outside your hideout and turn on your motorcycle. Sadly, it is run out of fuel.

You get outside of your Hideout.

Since your last turn:
You hear a noisy sound inside Falkway Hospital (a minute ago)
You read the map to Nixbank and dipose it as you feel that you have memorize it (now)
Possible actions:
Get inside Hideout
Get inside Falkway Hospital

You have a fire axe, a lockpick, 2 first aid kit, a broken handphone and a pack of full dynamite

Time Machine

Gregory Falkry is a men who very interested and sort of obsessed with time machine. Now, he heard rumour about Time machine. Your job is to guide this guy to find that time machine, that rumored located in Nixbank. So yeah, happy playing!

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