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Evanna, The Character
Evanna, On Wiki
Description: Thin-faced and tired-eyed, this woman has the eternal look of someone who is long done with Malton's bullcrap. Her hair is brown at the roots, with the length showing signs of a faded, apple-red dyejob. She re-dyes it whenever she can, just to hold on to a piece of herself from before the city fell. It looks awful.

2006-2007: Evanna makes her base of operations in St. Isidore's Church (St. Izzys to her and her companions at the time) for a while surrounding the events of the Second Siege of Caiger Mall and the Third Siege of Caiger Mall. During attacks on Ackland Mall in 2007, Evanna stays nearby, ever-moving, helping to heal the wounded. At one point she helps defend Mitchem Mall during the Mall Tour '07. After these events, Evanna tours around mid-east Malton for a while in search of military bases where she might find weapons.
2008-2011: A long period of intermittent deaths as she,travels around Malton without a solid plan or direction. Much of this time is lost to her. She makes her way back to St. Isidore's in Darvall Heights at one point to try to recapture the sense of usefulness she,felt surrounding the famous sieges of Caiger. She finds the church in ruins and too surrounded to save. She throws herself aimlessly back southeast.
2011-2016: More long periods of death, occasionally punctuated by days of life thanks to kindly revivers. She spends these days touring the buildings downwards along the east border of the city. She then begins to head west, along the south border.
2017: Evanna awakens in Greentown, although her last living memories left her in Old Arkham. After some soul searching, she decides to head to the core of the city to see where she can be useful. Finding only decay and abandonment across the Stanbury Village area, she begins to head back northwest, towards her original home: the greater Caiger Mall area. Here, she joins the East Becktown Defenders in mid-May of 2017.
2018-now: Evanna leaves the East Becktown Defenders in early February of 2018.
I can be contacted on my talk page! I try to check it at least every few days.

Rest of this space is for me to keep track of my building updates. I use one to two alts to do this, one usually alive and one usually zombie. I also sometimes mark very out of date suburbs unknown, but I wont list those here as updates.

July 2017 - Tollyton fully updated
September 2017 - Kinch Heights, Tapton, Greentown, North Blythville, South Blythville, Old Arkham, New Arkham, Ruddlebank, Dartside, Lockettside, Spicer Hills, and Dulston fully updated. Wykewood partially updated.
October 2017 - Wykewood finished updating. Rhodenbank, Williamsville, Rolt Heights, Buttonville, Wyke Hills, and Gibsonton fully updated.
November 2017 - Spracklingbank, Heytown, and Hollomstown fully updated.
December 2017 - Santlerville, West Grayside, Pashenton, Earletown, Kempsterbank, Wray Heights, Pescodside, East Grayside, Dunningwood, and Shackleville fully updated.

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