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A dazed look and battered axe belie his true intent: to scour the ruined city for an espresso machine and a decent supply of fresh beans.

EvilBert and friend in happier times...

Early days

An avid collector of sports equipment(1), my shopping skills were found to be sadly lacking when the onslaught began. Equipped only with my (useless) cellphone I stumbled from my once beautiful but now ravaged home in Dunell Hills, wandering aimlessly amongst the ruins of West Becktown and Molebank. I fended off zombie attacts when I could (or, truth be told, ran screaming like a coward), but eventually, exhausted, I succumbed. I was easy pickings for the zombie hoard, brought down three times in a matter of days. But I had the good fortune to be revived by the kind hands of stevek of the Molebank Citizen Volunteers to whom and which I am gratefuly indebted. Eventually I was able to summon enough fortitude to make sanctuary at Lucius General Hospital.

Contacts and acquaintances


Favourable associations

Zeds of note

Useful links

Map of Necrotech buildings

<div id="sports_equipment"/>(1)...most of which is discarded after a few weeks use in favour of the next fad. Latest craze: scuba diving.</div>

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