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Dr Spanky

Dr. Spanky is an older gentleman who was on-call in the local ER when the zombie plague hit Malton. He thought he had "seen it all," until he awoke in his ward one night to screams and the sounds of ransacking undead. He was only able to help a very few before being chased out of his home suburb by the rising "great red wave." Since then, he's combed the city looking for those in need while also honing his skills and learning more about the infestation. A diligent healer who prides himself on his meticulousness, he has vowed to uphold his Hippocratic Oath and continue his work despite these desperate times.

Redcrosssmall.jpg Doctor
This user is a Doctor and is probably off healing someone.

Ghandi.jpg Pacifist
This user practices non-violence, and will not attack any player, zombie or human.

MadCraskers small.jpg Mad Craskers
This user camps out at the Craske Museum and defends SE Heytown from wandering hordes and feral zombies.

An artist's conception of Dr Spanky

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