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Joined: 2007-03-25
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Current Level: 20
Character Class: Civilian-Cop
Favorite Equipment: Revivification Syringe
Favorite Weapon: Pistol
Backup Weapon: Shotgun
Current Status: Alive
Location: Dulston
Kills: Zed: 0

PKer: 0

Deaths: 0
Revives: Human: 0

Rotter: 0

Group: Metal Fox
Morale Phrase:
....I don't know much about you...


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News Template
June 11, 2007
Today Here is the code. Just change the hex values to what ever colors you would like. When ever you want to make a new new update, just copy the previous news code and edit what ever values you need to edit.

June 7, 2007
Today, June 7, 2007, he took out his second Maris Viridis member, L337master. Location was SAH in Dulston.

Links for execution:

Rights Line


June 5, 2007
Today, with the help of JayDepps and the Dulston Alliances' FoTFL diplomat, Shotgun Ed, Evildemon989 was able to carry out his first execution. The execution took place at Northeast Treweeke, and was on Elra, a Maris Viridis member.

Links for execution:

Rights Line


June 4, 2007
Today, Evildemon989 started to hunt the PKer group, but could not find any of them. He suspects they ran from the hands of Metal Fox, and are staging a counter-attack. But who knows, maybe they just are scared!

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