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A.k.a. Alex Briley, a combat medic in the navy, and a macho, macho man. Last seen hiding out at the YMCA. Interests include field-stripping his gun collection, long walks by the beach, violating zombies, quilting, and fighting for the liberation of all the quaint artsy little neighborhoods in Malton.

02:15, 2 Oct 2005 (BST) LOLZ. So I'm freerunning back and forth from a not-so-safe-anymore house to the adjacent one where a couple of zombies are holed up for some reason. Each time I get a few shots off, pick up a few experience points. So apparently the bigger, badder of the two zombies decides to follow my trail into the safehouse. I sign in to just check how things are going, still at 0 AP... and he had just bitten a big piece out of me and I'm standing there. Then again so is he. I log in again half an hour later hoping I'm still alive so I can run. Gone. No zombie. I guess one of the big mob of humans in there finished him off. Moral of the story? Sometimes you can use yourself as bait to lure zombies into safehouses. I still can't believe it worked.

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