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Dunell Hills Police Department Dhpdbanner5.png Dhpdbanner2.png
Starting Occupation: Military Private
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: To terrorize recruits & finger Zed and PKer Scum
Username: FaMzNeSS
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Basic Info

Name: IT2(SW) FaMzNeSS
Arrived in the City: 2008-01-17
Current Status: Alive
Badge Number: #0690
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo on upper left arm. Blue flames encircling the letters "L.G." Foam finger or glove on right hand used for... well, you'll find out.


FaMzNeSS is the resident Joker and staple of the Dunell Hills Police Department's tradition. Originally he joined the DHPD thanks to a revive syringe given by Razi, FaMz quickly moved through the Police Academy and assisted with the formation of DHPD's Delta Squad, an Anti-PKer Commander unit, used to deal swift justice and employing Real-Time-Strike tactics.

His time in Delta cemented the FaMzNeSS trademark persona that Malton has come to know, and love, today. Quick to haze a recruit, zombie, or PKer; FaMz chose to use his finger as a device to cause humiliation. "Sticking" his finger "inside" of those he targeted quickly became a humorous gesture and a right of passage for many DHPD members, but also a humiliating way to deal a Zed or Pker their final blow.

Thanks to the likes of Bulldog C6, Whatshisname, Arwald, Tag 'it, Tarrok, Codeist, and Frank Castle, they glorified the legend and began sending recruits "down to the basement" to spend close, personal time with FaMzNeSS. Due in no small part to this, in time, the DHPD slogan was changed over to: "Coffee to the left, Donuts to the right, badges are handed out in the basement."

Many recruits were advised to "stay clear of the basement", which only caused their curiosity to get the better of them and succumb to FaMz's tactics.

As luck would have it, FaMz relinquished his post to lead another newly formed Squad, Omega Squad; the recruit screening division. This only served to permanently Solidify the FaMz legend with the department. Before his departure from Delta, the phrase was coined "Once a Delta, always a Delta" to continue the tradition and camaraderie of his fellow Squad Mates. FaMz served as Omega Leader for two classes before passing the baton onto Dr Sy N Tist and taking a short leave of absence.

Upon his return to the DHPD, FaMzNeSS once again joined his fellow Delta Alumni in the formation of Ghost Squad. A real-time strike team used to coordinate simultaneous attacks on Zed Targets, securing buildings and Tactical Resource Points for the entire department. BD then passed on the post of Ghost Commander to FaMzNeSS, in which FaMz served for quite a few months before being promoted to Director of Field Operations.

Captain FaMz served two, three month terms as the Director of Field Ops; leading the Department into such operations as:

  • Five Finger Discount
  • Remember, The Fifth of November
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Christmas at Caiger 2009
  • New Years Party!
  • New Years After Party Fiesta!
  • SPARTAN Hunt!
  • FaMz Basement Finger Circus of Fury!

After serving as the DFO-C for two terms, FaMzNeSS stepped down into his former role as an active member of Ghost Squad for six months, before once again being voted into Captaincy and is serving as the Director of Field Operations once more.


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