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"The Wu is comin thru, the outcome is critical. Fuckin wit my style, is sort of like a Miracle."

Casey jones profile.jpg
Player Type Bounty Hunter
Group The Saints
Kill Count 190+
Goals To rid Malton of the PKer Scum epidemic.
Area of Operations Nomadic
Character Owner FaMzNeSS


Johnny Jones was a regular single guy living life in Malton, working at Dicks Sporting Goods store in Caiger Mall. During his breaks he would frequent the FML Music Store, looking for the latest and greatest Wu-Tang Clan CD's to add into his iPod. Things were good... then 2005 Happened.

During the Zombie Apocalypse that took Malton by Storm, Johnny hampered down to defend Caiger. However, during one of the Zombie Sieges on the mall a group calling themselves the Columbine Kids opened fire on innocent civilians in the Mall. Realizing that Zombies weren't the only thing trying to kill survivors, Johnny decided to take action. Using the perks of having access to the Sporting Goods store, Johnny donned football shoulder pads, knee pads, hockey gloves, green camouflage pants, and a white shirt with a large Wu-Tang Symbol on it to complete his attire. He also snagged a baseball bat, pool cue, hockey stick, golf club, a variety of pistols, shotguns and ammo. Shoving them all into a Golf Bag draped across his body he set out on a new mission:

He was the WuWarrior. Bounty Hunter.

Traveling from suburb to suburb in search of those whom prayed on the innocent, he uses the Rogues Gallery as a reference to find the scum that cowardly took down survivors trying to fend off the Zombie Invasion. After making a name for himself with the Rogues he was sought out by GlennB and Cisco Kitty of The Saints and was invited to the organization on behalf of Aiden Fury. Being with the Saints for over a year now WuWarrior continues to hunt down the PKers under the Saints flag.


Bounty!.jpg Bounty Hunter
This user is a Bounty Hunter.
Saint.JPG The Saints
Genesis 38:10

What they did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so The Saints put them to death.

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
WuWarrior has guns. Do not cross them.
Shotgun.jpg Right to bear arms
This user supports the Second Amendment.
My Name is Inigo Montoya
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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