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A chap who should know better than spending time playing this game yet somehow has four characters;

Characters played

  • Butch Majors: Real lack of imagination with the name for this one, traditional Military type festooned with weapons and a desire to use them, fasinated by loud bangs and bright flashes so firearms are first choice but dull thunks will suffice once ammo is depleted. Butch is still thriving thanks to the help of many who have revived him, in future I will try to take note of names and groups responsible but for now all who have helped Butch stay armed and dangerous, thank you.
  • Red Rogers: A traditional hero type, ex-fireman, has branched out from using axes to spilt zed skulls to using firearms. He had too to keep up with the demand, so many zeds seem to need killing.
  • Melvin Nosenberg: A slightly annoying office clerk who just wants to go shopping, still pursuing this goal, though now weighed down with a half hundred weight of firearms and ammo.
  • Sam Allen: A scientist loosely based on me, I'm much better looking. Currently doing a roaring trade in reviving our undead brethren and a recent initiate of the Knights of St. Jude.