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Hi. My name is Fastolph, and this is a diary of my life in Malton, from today (6/15/2012) onwards. It may not be much, but here we go...


Recently I had met 5 wonderful people on my travels, with great knowledge about survival - not once have they died. After fleeing the mall, the name I can not recall, I found refuge in a library. Sure, I may have never have died, but I'm the one doing all the hiding. I decide to call my friends to the library to regroup and take the mall, but we're scattered..


Long time, no post. Died around twice, took cover in Halifax auto repair. Nifty little safehouse, too. Came back to Buckley mall, up and running it seems, and have updated my survivor description and zombie description:

Survivor: An ex militant that mistakingly passed the quarantine, he is now trapped in the city, his only pastime being a defender of Buckley mall.

Zombie: Formally a defender of Buckley mall, he now walks through the shambling hordes, aiming to destroy all that he formally spent his time defending.

I also purchased the skill "Basic firearms training", so leveling up will be much, much faster (Forgot to mention, I'm a scout). Other 5 people decided to part ways, most of them died, so I'm left on my own with nothing but the survivors around me as help and support. Wish I had the shopping skill... and a whole load of shotgun shells.


Drat. Drat drat drat. I'm a zombie. Yes, I know there is a lot of pvp in this game, but I really get worked up when it happens to me. So, as you may have guessed, I was killed by another player, who goes by the name of Rain20, with his shotgun. not much to say really, now i'm just standing around turning the mall's barricades from VSB to LB. Yep, It's that easy to take down barricades. So yeah, just helping out the horde until I get combat revived. which brings me to an element of RP I like to use...

NO REVIVES AT REVIVE POINTS In real life, a zombie wouldn't go to a cemetery and wait for a tasty harman to come and revive them. Oh no, the zombie would eat him right up on sight. Or help out the local horde in taking down barricades for other zombies to flood in. So, when I play, as much as I may want to, I don't go to a revive point and wait for a potential bucket of XP to come and revive me. I do what a zombie would do, and a zombie eat harmanz until there are no harmanz eft to eat. So yeah, that sums that up. Oh yeah, and I allow myself to be combat revived, and then i'm back in the defence of Buckley mall.


Just discovered something cool. That RP thing I talked about yesterday? Is got its own page, and a lot of people have used it. It's called the Dual Nature Policy. Oh, and if you want to take a look Here is my profile. I have also decided to attack the NT building nearby. Although I probably won't succeed, I'm trying my best to fall the mall. I haven't done much in the way of attacking the NT as I was recently shot down by someone else with a shotgun. I'm starting to wonder if shotguns are all the range now.


haven't been on over the last few days, got revived by someone named Hungry Zambah, died again revived, died... Nothing much.


Not much happened. Attacked Merek the destroyer for some EXP. Life as a zombie is so boring...

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.

Buckley-mall-logo.jpg Buckley Mall
Fastolph Cottar has visited Buckley Mall and found item(s) there.

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