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I am Febo Barry. I work mostly in Dunningwood. My goal is simple:Keep Morley Walk Police Dept Safe And operating.


Since Morley Walk Police Dept is the last police dept in Dunningwood, its very important for the survivors crossing Dunningwood.

Police dept 1.jpg Mpd.png

We are low on fuel and some guys barricaded the auto repair extremely heavy. But i dont blame them,we all need to respect the Dunningwood barricade plan. I will be updating the station of the dept weakly at So if you ever come to Dunningwood,drop by in the station,especially if you have some fuel.

See ya in Dunningwood guys!


15.May.2009 After i left searching for fuel it got upside down.I think the police dept has fallen in zombie hands.I had no time to check,i was running.I had only 17 AP to find a hospital.I made it.Entire Dunningwood is overrun.I'm now inside St. Alcuin's Hospital in Gibsonton.

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

May god help us...

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