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Jonx & Fiffy

Group Numbers:

See: Stats page


The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!

Recruitment Policy:

1.) Be a zombie
2.) Read the group rules
3.) Post here!


Group talk page or our forum

Batshit Insane


Batshit Insane is the new zombie group created by Mall Tour 2009's strike team: Midnight Snack Attack! Our group of nutters is looking for more loose screws, join us and be a part of Malton's new zombie horde!

BI Image Ren and Stimpy.jpg

Strike Teams

BI currently has one strike team: Midnight Snack Attack! (MSA). More strike times will be added as more people join. Strike teams are coordinated through Batshit Insane's IRC channel (see below for more information).


Batshit Insane has an active IRC channel on the NexusWar server:; channel: #batshit. For more information on accessing IRC, see here.

Current Activities

BI is currently in the suburb of Scarletwood.

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