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Background story:

Stan was a fireman working in the suburb of Williamsville when the outbreak started. He was on duty at the time the reports started coming in on the news. He was torn between going to take care of his wife and child, or staying on duty and helping the rest of the city. He chose duty to his city over his family, a decision he would later come to regret. He worked 72 hours strait helping quell fires and rescue survivors. Somewhere between the lack of rest and general panic in the city - he said "eff the world" and went home to his family...

When he arrived he found they had succumb to the infection, and instead of the hugs he hoped for - they griped him to devour him. He made short work of them both with his axe - sobbing like a baby the whole time, and for days after. After his mourning passed - a grim resolve set in. He went off into the city, determined to kill as many of those rotting bastards as his axe would take.

After a brief period of solo scavenging, he happened across his cousin Jack (or JumpinJackFlash as he is called). Along with another of Jack's friends, they formed the Strike Team known as F.R.E.E.Z.E.. They roam from suburb to suburb - assisting other survivors when they can, and aiding in larger battles against the undead - accepting new members into their brotherhood as they go.

Many months have passed since the outbreak started, and Stan's grief has long since faded to the general numbness living in Malton tends to bring. After many weeks of studying zombies for behavioral patterns, Firemanstan accepted a suicide mission at Craiger Mall during the 2nd siege - resolved with the knowledge that his death would bring a greater understanding of zombie kind. After his brush with death, and the permanent scaring from his rapid decomposition and subsequent revivification process, Firemanstan decided it would be best if he discontinued his public relations. He passed the mantle on to Kripcat (who has since passed it to DicktheTech), whom he had fought valiantly along side of to achieve control of Roywood. He now focuses all his energies solely into protecting his brothers in F.R.E.E.Z.E..

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