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History and Backstory

=Before the Outbreak=

Flames73 was originally an science experiment from Necrotech, perhaps another secret experiment, but not gone so horridly wrong...? Anyhow, all his fellow comrades are either dead, missing, or not activated. He was brought up as a foster child in a family of three, not realizing his past until when he entered high school, when he was promptly shipped off to Malton into a top secret Necrotech facility (He says it was not a fun experience). After what seemed to (at least, for him) a few years, he was again released into the public, with a scholarship and an internship into St.Seraphim Hospital. He worked there for six years, earning and keeping his position as a permanent resident.

=During and after the Outbreak=

Now, not many people liken the day of the outbreak in Malton to a "boring" day, but Flames73 certainly does. In his own words, he describes it as "Truly a boring day- I handled all my clinic patients and there wasn't much for me to do except hang around and wait."