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28 December 2007
Today I met an old friend, mike46, on my little mall tour.
18 December 2007
A very hard kill: the murder at 0,0 (Bird Boulevard in Dakerstown). Had to wait many days to find a victim. I was quite surprised to find any survivors at all in this forsaken suburb.
13 December 2007
I am turning into a monster: I have killed a baby seal...
27 November 2007
My personal mall tour is coming along nicely. In other news: I made it to the top of the list at my beloved Alphabet Game
4 November 2007
We paid our old friend a visit. It turned out to be very satisfying...
1st November 2007
Our friends have recruited four new members. They all seem very low-level and young. That however is not going to help them. They will die with the rest!
31 October 2007
Happy Halloween! To celebrate with my friends, the Grayside Demons, I killed their leader today. It felt good.
26 October 2007
The Grayside demons have finally deserted their HQ and started disintegrating. It won't be long before they - a once proud group - are nothing more than a shadow in the past.
20 October 2007
Wow, the 3rd time I got the pathetic "leader" of the Grayside Demons. I am thinking of taking up residence in their HQ.
19 October 2007
It seems the Demons started shitting their pants. Their headquarters is a little deserted as of late.
18 October 2007
Today I have gone back to my usual routine of killing a member of the Demons a day.
13 October 2007
What a glorious day, I convinced my friends from Kill Deus257 to join me for a new game of "Kill the Demons". They came, saw and conquered!
10 Octobter 2007
One more down.
9 October 2007
Hm, for some reason the Demons are not the kind spirits that I imagined them to be. They actually want to kill me!
Oh, oh, I think I accidentally killed their leader. This could mean trouble...
8 October 2007
A new hobby: Teasing the mighty Grayside Demons. Yesterday one of their beloved members was taken out of their midst: Whensley passed away, crying like a little child.
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