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Starting Occupation: Civilian/Cop
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department Command Staff
Goals: Leading the DHPD Science Dept. in support of operations to secure the DMZ
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Basic Info

Arrived in the City: 30 December 2005
Current Status: live


Arrived in Malton with the GolemLabs Centurions five days after Christmas. Wandered for a couple of weeks after being seperated from the group after helicopter insertion. Briefly linked up with the team at Ackland Mall to bolster the defenses during the Mall Tour '06 attack in late January. Went to Caiger Mall ahead of the Tour to prepare for the Second Siege when Ackland fell. In February learned family had survived and was in Dunell Hills.

In Mid-February joined with wife Badassmom to help DHPD recover Bascombe NT in Peddlesden Village. Spent weeks there fighting back the PV Infestation, by March the building and surrounding area were secured. Officially joined DHPD on April 28th 2006. Worked as a beat cop defending Bascombe until joining Bravo Squad with BAM. After a prisoner transfer went bad across Malton brother Tristam777 made his way back to Dunell Hills.

March brought the Shining Ones into Dunell Hills after their frustration with the defenses at Caiger. On March 15th accepted position as DHPD Science Department Chief after independent work was noticed by Command Staff. Tried to recover Pankhurst NT in Molebank in expectation of Dury NT being lost to the Shining Ones, but was unable to hold it. Throughout March fought running battles with TSO and the ferals that followed them into Dunell Hills.

April continued the effort to recover the Hills following the departure of the Shining Ones. On the 11th an operation to recover Dury NT was launched and subsequently Dury was held for nearly two weeks before falling again. Hit and run tactics became the norm in the tri-resource area of Dunell Hills continuing into May.

Tha Chi Vai Hunters appeared at Club Meade in the first week of May to excavate for Chi Vai's. Attracting large numbers of ferals this building was lost soon after and operations in the tri-resource area were halted. A May Madness recruiting drive was started on May 1st to bolster falling numbers. Attempts were made to secure buildings in the Southwest of Dunell Hills but they were overrun almost as quickly as they were secured. Late May saw Operation Homecoming begin in a push to recall DHPD officers and drive the zombies from the vicinity of Cotty Street PD as a foothold for the rest of the Hills.


To continue to work with the DHPD and its Allies to hold back the hordes and provide security for the people of Malton.

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