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Freewoman Forlorad
Joined: ?
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Freewoman
Character Class: Doctor
Favorite Equipment: First-Aid Kit
Favorite Weapon: Toolbox
Backup Weapon: Firearms
Current Status: Up and about
Location: Southwestern corner
Current Level: 32
Kills: No idea?
Revives: Many
Deaths: A lot
Group: Malton Red Cross
Journal: none

Greetings, all. My main character is Forlorad, but she has six other sisters-in-arms. Recently, however, I decided that maintaining seven characters (alternating days) was too inefficient, and cut my active characters down to Forlorad and Petra the Spartan. Forlorad has relocated to Brooksville, and Petra is keeping watch in Kempsterbank.

Currently active characters: Forlorad, Petra the Spartan.
Currently inactive characters: Keriale, Meriale, Eriale, Rosalind Curie, Hesiale.

PKers (personal encounter): SnakuPliskin, BornEvil, Morcego, Shiv Jones, Turkmenbashi (2), Bravo Seven, Canderous Ordo (2).

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.