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Foxlion's Sandbox FX's Page Talk Page

Foxlion's Alts
Name/Wikipage Foxlion Thanatos
UD Profiles Foxlion Hands of Thanatos
Affiliated Group Philosophe Knights None
Goals Destroying ignorance, with words or force Speeding up revive points
Spheres of Influence (may change) Touring all the suburbs Central Malton

The Knight

Foxlion started life in Malton determined to play and assist all three sides of the game, which led to his starting the mercenary group Militaires Sans Frontières. But he soon realized neutrality was nigh impossible, and Malton, in its fierce war between humans and zombies, demanded a single, devoted cause from players.

Then in terms of efficiency, Foxlion soon became disgusted with the way the largest pro-survivor groups approached war, and that contempt soon manifested itself into violence. He tried PKing for the first time in the days after Blackmore 2012. He soon developed a talent for it, and found it was perhaps his path in Malton. Meeting the Philosophe Knights, he soon joined them as FX, and is currently busy educating the ignorants in Malton.

When asked 'why' by people who cannot understand his actions, he quotes his favorite thinker- "The present state of the world and the whole of life is diseased. If I were a doctor and were asked for my advice, I should reply, 'Create silence'." Even Kierkegaard approved of PKing!

The Name

What is "Foxlion?" Isn't it an odd pairing, even mismatched? But foxes and lions have been paired for a long time. Lysander, the Spartan General who brought Athens under Spartan control, said, "For where the lion's skin will not reach, you must patch it out with the fox's."

Machiavelli also explains: "A prince being thus obliged to know well how to act as a beast must imitate the fox and the lion, for the lion cannot protect himself from snares, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize snares, and a lion to frighten wolves. Those that wish to be only lions do not understand this."

The Wiki being a surprisingly place, the name has been honored with an award.

Disapproves.jpg A Murder(?) Award
Foxlion is awarded a Murder(?) Award for The Most Lionish Fox

The Other Half

Thanatos is a complex figure, born in the last days of 2012. He is meant to serve as the complement of the hunter Foxlion. Ironically, for one called Thanatos, the Greek spirit of death, this character is a life-bringer. His inventory is made of only FAKs, revive syringes, toolboxes, and other harmless supplies.

Unlike Foxlion, he carries no gun, and if he happens to find one, it's only used for self-defense, or dropped. Thanatos exists to bring life to Malton. He has yet to kill anyone who was not already dead, and barely has the will to shoot even zombies. He will usually choose to blend with the shadows, and avoid conflict. He sees no point in killing, when death has become so abundant in Malton without his help. Actually, the common death bores him.

I made this character as a balancing force, to help survivors and speed up revive points (slow revive points are an annoyance, a waste, and a sin!). Foxlion distributes hard love, Thanatos is much easier to accept. He is not quite as active as Foxlion, but a dedicated reviver who wanders south Malton. I've been thinking about making him a MOB follower; meaning, unless there is alt conflict, he will follow the trail of MOB, thus always finding plenty of people to revive/buildings to repair.

I always want something to do, and green suburb RPs are reasonably fast; it's the trouble zones that get slowed down. But he's cynical as Fox, and will not shun PKers as others may. He revives anyone standing in a cemetery, since that is his mission.

A Change?

Thanatos thought he could keep aloof of the hunted life, taking a different road from the violent path that Foxlion has chosen. But he's becoming disgusted by the number of PKers who attack those at low levels, simply because they don't have Body Building. Thanatos has only died twice, but both times at the hands of unprovoked PKers, without so much as a kill-speech. It's really ironic, how Foxlion never faced this problem, but this obvious medic does. It seems pro-survivors are not the only ignorants in Malton. Most PKer groups are very decent at picking targets over a certain level, but Malton seems to have a wealth of no-name PKers who prey on those new to the game. And he has been constantly enraged by the way people disregard science- ruining NTs, destroying its generators and preventing services to brain-rotted citizens who wish life. Thanatos may well take up violence against all of them in the near future.

The Man

In real life, Foxlion is a jack-of-all-trades who has an interest in just about everything, although he'll be first to admit he has trouble finishing anything. He likes quality video games, old Japanese movies, his dog and cat who hate each other, and playing guitars. He also has an interest in literature, especially old Greek myths- you can't beat the Greeks for messed-up families and tragedies, can you? He's also trying to learn German and Italian, although he's not very fluent at either.

His recent project is studying computer languages. Despite some, er, technical difficulties, he likes working with computers because they will never lie to you, cheat on you or betray you. If they let you down, it's almost 100% likely your own fault. He's a level 39 in Python, level 27 in CSS, level 20 in SQL, level 3 in Javascript and level 1 in C, speaking UD-wise.

He also spends too much time in Malton, with two active alts. When he is out of AP or IP, he continues to haunt the Wiki, which he regrets not finding till recently, messing with stuff in his sandbox or updating danger reports. Being interested in literature and choose-your-own-adventure games, Foxlion has started to make a UD-style game on the Wiki called The Haunting, mixing horror and adventure themes. But mostly horror.