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"Which way to the nearest pub?"

Founder and disorganizer of Planet Terror (Survivor Group).

Flange abandoned Planet Terror in favour of joining the Malton Urban Militia on June 13th, 2008.

Bored after only a week on the MUM's roster, Flange applied for membership in The Randoms on June 20th.

Remaining with The Randoms until concluding that they just weren't random enough, Fred met Nick Spaghetti and they bonded immediately mainly over their mutual distaste for Christmas trees.

With no particular purpose other than the destruction of effigies in pine to a forgotten pagan holiday, the Disposable Heroes were born.

Flange still believes The Final Solution to be the ideal outcome, but he's prepared to fight for a return to normalcy just in case they never do drop the big one...

Nuke Malton!

Why not?

The brainchild of Fred Flange who believes it would be a "win-win" situation to use the final solution
...unless the zombies somehow survived and became radioactive.

To support this initiative tag your next building with "Nuke Malton!"
and please proudly display:

Planettterror.jpg Planet Terror
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