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Frieda is a Scientist. She forgot a lot of things--like where she used to work at. Abandoned by her escorts, she wandered the streets of Malton alone. Like many other NecroTech workers, she was targeted by both the criminal and undead elements of Malton. Frieda eventually came to Southern Malton, where she wanders about today.

Right now, she advertises Paint-Flavored Soda, Leaden taste without the brain-waste!, which she created in an abandoned NecroTech building. She'll never reveal the formula. Ever.

Friedian Postulates

  • Frieda enjoys killing hostiles.
  • Frieda likes to take long walks in dangerous suburbs.
  • Frieda does not wish her enemy ill, she plans it!
    • Corollary: Frieda is unlike lightning--she always strikes twice.
  • Frieda is a pyromaniac.
    • Corollary: Frieda wishes there were flamethrowers in Malton.
  • Frieda may be a ninja (see below).


You might have seen one of me around.

  • Frieda the quintessential main personality girl. I'm no schizophrenic, just paranoid. I'm usually hanging out in South Malton, finding folks to heal.
  • Joakhuin, the firefighter gone mercenary. Used to tour in a garage rock band around Malton. He's been in nearly every suburb. Don't ask how's he accomplished this.
  • Yola, the odd umbrella-wielding maniac girl! Who needs guns when you have a blade hidden in a harmless umbrella? Currently hanging out near Roftwood.


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Frieda thinks that Malton is lost in time.
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