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Frohlicker[1] is the shorter, squatter, more British cousin of Holtzfeller. Active in Central and South Borehamwood. Fills in maps like a crazy mo-fo. Secretly drinks cleaning products in the parlour.

Turn ons: Fighting fires; smoking; loving up your mum.

Turn offs: Zombies who don't pay their bar tab.

Favourite show: Danger! 50,000 Volts.

Voted Most Likely: To be fetid.

Shout out to my B-wood homies... er, I mean, hello to Alphastare, Red Akhrin and E Wiseman. It was good working with you guys in Borehamwood and it is a pity that you will now eat my brains. If you're playing in Malton, look up Holtzfeller and the 57th ADMI. We're currently watching zombie football hooligans drifting into Dartside as the bars close further east.

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