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I'm just an ordinary happily married professional mom from Iowa. I'm also just learning how to wiki edit, so please feel free to give me suggestions or tell me what I'm doing wrong!


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Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

I've got multiple personalities! These are not all the characters I've ever had, only the currently active.

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Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame
Joined: 15 Aug 2005
Character class: Scientist - NecroTech
Favorite equipment: revivification syringe
Character profile: 62181
Current status: Reviving

Frozen Flame's parents were hippies, anyone who found her name in a phone book knew that much, but she couldn't more unlike a flower-child. Her unusual name is accentuated by an unusual appearance; very tall, rusty-almost-red hair, and extremely pale skin. Her manner is, and has always been, brisk and with little tolerance for nonsense, leaving her colleagues wondering if she has a sense of humor.

Frozen didn't let her family heritage affect her education as she earned her doctorate in cryo-medicine in record time. At the tender age of twenty-three, she started work at the budding corporation, Necrotech. She watched the company grow from a mere idea to a corporation of over one hundred offices earning billions every year. She also watched the company fail. Frozen was working as an Assistant Director at the the Harbord Building in Nixbank when the immortality gene became a zombie virus, and was one of the first in her building to fall victim to the unintended monsters that emerged. Never one to dwell on past mistakes, she quickly learned how to operate firearms and radios, as well as learned to use her other new found abilities. She adapted to "life" on either side of the grave.

Over the past few years, Frozen has traveled with a myriad of groups. To name a few, she has defended Necrotech offices and malls against sieges, partaken in those very sieges as a member of the first Mall Tour, and served as a medic for a small but elite force of mercenaries - the UBCS Mercs-for-hire. In early spring of 2008, Frozen became a member of Malton Forensics Unit. At the Little Fawn campus of the DEM Academy, she served as Acting Lieutenant, the student leadership position. After spending the bare minimum of time in Academy to learn the policies of the DEM and MFU, she was assigned to division NW-2 in the far northwest corner of Malton. Her steadfastness through the Academy and take-charge attitude after assignment have earned Frozen a quick promotion to Coroner of Judgewood.

MFU logo.jpg Malton Forensics Unit
Frozen Flame is a member of the MFU.

Tora Neko

Tora Neko
Joined: 25 Aug 2005
Character class: Zombie
Favorite equipment: claws
Character profile: 85300
Current status: Happily Dead

Tora Neko was always keenly aware that she was an experiment, but that has never bothered her, much. Necrotech's sister corporation, Biotech, specialized in customizations of the human genome. In layman's terms, Tora was a cat girl. She has short stripped fur covering her body, hands that aren't quite hands, a nose that isn't quite a human nose, tufted ears that poke through her hair and twitch at the slightest sound, and if that didn't tip you off that she's a little odd... you can't miss her tail.

The zombie plague reacted differently to Tora. The first few times she was revived just fine, but then after a while she just stopped responding to the serum. At first she was quite put out because she rather liked strolling the malls. She soon found a solution: Mall Tour! Once the second Mall Tour wound down, she stayed with a group called Killer Zombie Tomatoes and continued to play cat and mouse with the humans. The Tomatoes (and one zombie cat girl) rambled along with the Second Big Bash until they both petered out in early 2008.

Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
Tora Neko has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.

Winter Storm

Winter Storm
Joined: 2 Sept 2005
Character class: Scientist - Doctor
Favorite equipment: shotgun
Character profile: 102039
Current status: Hunting

Winter is a gaunt ivory-skinned woman standing at 5'11" with long ash blonde hair and pale grey eyes. She moves briskly and determinedly with a cold but not quite unfriendly attitude.

Seeking out the roughest parts of Malton, Winter lingers near Dulston. Despite being told often that she can only survive (as if any can survive in zombie quarantine) in Dulston by joining the Dulston Alliance, she remains aloof and self sufficient. After noting that Dulston is the natural haven for murders by virtue of the Dulston Alliance shunning the widely acclaimed Rogues Gallery, Winter creates her own entertainment by hunting these criminals. She doesn't take sides, however, because frankly she could care less how they got the bounty in the first place, but she does take a perverse pleasure in reporting new criminals to the Rogues Gallery authorities. These ambitions have made Winter quite unpopular in Dulston, only adding to her entertainment.

Disturbingly Cute

Disturbingly Cute
Joined: 9 Dec 2007
Character class: Civilian - Consumer
Favorite equipment: shotgun
Character profile: 1076298
Current status: Murderous

Of course that's not her real name, but during an zombie outbreak, who's going to check a birth certificate? Cute, as she prefers to be called, is just that: a spunky young woman with her hair in pigtails tied with black ribbons. She prefers death metal t-shirts, very short plaid skirts, frilly socks, mary janes, and always sports a My Little Pony wristwatch. Her hobbies include finding out how generators work through dissection, pulling down the bothersome barricades so that everyone can enjoy the fresh Malton air, and making annoying over-excited trench coaters shut up through "creative force." As can be expected, Cute's greatest ambition is to join the Gore Corps.

In January 2008, Cute made a step towards that ambition - she is now a member of Ridleybank Resistance Front's Department of Homeland Security, Team America. In accordance with RRF policy, Cute must suppress her Death Cultist tendencies, but the day will come when she can once more unite both her human and zombie sides in Barhah.

Mid March 2008, Cute's dream is realized as the newest member of Gore Corps! Now she is happily killing people with mad abandon.

Skull1 small.gif Death Cultist
If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
Gore Corps Template.jpg Ridleybank Resistance Front
Gore Corps
This user is a member of the
RRF Gore Corps


Joined: 25 Feb 2007
Character class: Military - Scout
Favorite equipment: pistol
Character profile: 1150970
Current status: Dead

College student in the Air Force ROTC. Monroeville. Murdered by a goober PKer lacking the class to taunt.

Black Thistle

Black Thistle
Joined: 27 Feb 2007
Character class: Military - Scout
Favorite equipment: knife
Character profile: 1160913
Current status: Boom!

Vague anti-survivor ambitions. Very vague. Seriously don't know what to do with this character yet.

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