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Fubb is a Survivor that usually sticks close to Lockettside‎, as he has done for a very long time.

Can usually be found at St. Alexander's Hospital

Fubb also runs the Lockettside Community Board and is also Mayor of Lockettside.


Fubb lives in a card board box covered in scrap metal on the rood of St. Alexanders hospital.

Back story

I used to be a lazy couch potato. However, during he day of the initial outbreak, my family and I were shopping at the Thompson Mall. We thought there was just a riot growing on, and as the riot grew, we attempted to flee the city. By then though, the government had Quarantined the area, and my family was dropped trying to flee across no mans land. There bodies are still there. Every time they rise from the dead, they get punched full of holes again. No one else can reach them, as they'll be killed too. Terrible, really.

Will hopefully be running Fubb Free Wasteland, a survivor radio station soon!


January 2010: Hunkering in Lockettside

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