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Jamey Funkster

Jamey is currently sticking around the hood of Barrville after swarming around Malton in living and dead form. Trying to bring some life back into the neighbourhood, or death, depending on his current state. If you want him on your side, you know what to do.

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This user supports the
Dual Nature Policy.

Keagan Funkster

A fireman who got tired of axing zombies and is now rolling with the combat reviving crew known as The Big Prick, bringing life back to fallen malls and suburbs swarming with the undead. Always moving, always pricking and occasionally partying with the gang to blow off some steam.

Skull n syringes.gif The Big Prick
Whittenside .

Jacky Funkster

Ex-stripper now turned full-time rotter with the help of the brain loving Militant Order of Barhah. If you see her spinning on high heels towards you it's time to run and scream (in that order as that will get you away from her faster) if you feel like holding on a bit longer to the contents of you brain. Seeing her is a very very bad thing anyway as this means that your town is being hit by MOB which limits your choices to

  1. Run like crazy to another burb
  2. MAHB zambhah ganna nam nam harman brahnz!

She seems to have a preference for female survivors which could be due to female competitive behaviour, jealousy or perhaps the fact that there are simply not enough hot female zombies around. Think Suicide Girls, only dead and hungry for brains.

Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...

Vicar John

A cleric led to believe the zombie apocalypse hitting Malton is the start of the global Apocalypse mentioned in the Bible. He's convinced that every soul in Malton should be turned into a zombie as this is the will of God himself.

I Ate Mitchem Mall!
This user helped put Mitchem Mall
In Zombie Hands.
I Ate Ackland Mall!
This user helped put Ackland Mall
In Zombie Hands.

Bob Fetta

Bounty!.jpg Bounty Hunter
This user is a Bounty Hunter.
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