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Nearing retirement from Malton PD at the time of the outbreak, Futuyama is now definitely too old for this shit, but zombies care little for retirement. Originally from Barrville he is now settled in Grigg Heights. A member of Edmund General United.
Miyajima is a young necrotech employee originally from Grigg Heights. He came to Malton to study the outbreak, and the zombie, but as the months and now years have passed, his work turned to obsession. The only way to truely understand the zombie, was to become one. Now shambling through Shearbank.
Philip Oakland
Philip was in the insurance business prior to all the zombie shenanigans but prefers the post-apocalyptic life. Pro-survivor, zombie, death cult, life cult, it's all the same to Philip.
Nut Ahimsa
Whatever he was before the outbreak is long forgotten. A malicious and vindictive rotter always ravenous for guts. Nut wanders widely around Malton, bringing trouble wherever he goes.


AquaNT.jpg NecroConnect User
Futuyama uses NecroConnect to connect with their fellow players