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He was originally sent to Malton to survey the area, and set up high defensce posts, but his squad was mutilated upon their first arrival.. Searching out fellow survivors, and keeping his head low, he has managed to survive. Originally a member of the USAF's strategice TACTP CCT group, he has managed to survive, and retrain certain people about recon movement, and research abading techniques.

Combat Controllers (CCT) are ground combat forces assigned to Special Tactics Squadrons within the Air Force Special Operations Command AFSOC. They are organized, trained and equipped to rapidly establish and control the air-ground interface and provide airmanship skills in the objective area. Functions include assault zone assessment and establishment; air traffic control; command and control communications; special operations terminal attack control; and removal of obstacles with demolitions. The CCT provide a unique capability and deploy with joint air and ground forces in the execution of Direct Action, Counterterrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, Humanitarian Assistance, Special Reconnaissance, Austere Airfield, and Combat Search and Rescue operations.

Before operating in a CCT group, he was a former SERE instructor, with a full PULHES qualification....He was reassigned as news of two c130's goign down reached his OIC, and was redirected to set up a quick rescue op. As the plan went faulty, he pulle dhis team out, with ehavy casulties, form their first area ops search. With the team tehy were supposed to have foudn located, his mission is near its point a substrate. He has been oping on his Point B job quite well, and Point C has been accomplished. No more air relief drops can be called in, due to his PRC being broke, and beyond repair during the zombie influx of Galbraith Hills. No comlink has been established between his crew and the GHDU, but that wasnt thier mission anyways. Seeing as there is no way out of Malton, theya re to follow the second objective: Gaurd all USAF Personnel Untill a ComLink is reconnected, and follow upa ny USAF Directives by simple recon. Pulling in with his commander, a Genral in charge of all USAF SPECWAR programs, this ChfMstSgt has reformed their group into taking full action against the zombie threat as a Dir Act Group, known as the USAF CCT Sqdrn, Malton. They now operate soley for the S.T.A.R.S.

any further information is fully classified.

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