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Galendinwen is a half-elf of Middle Earth, shunned by humans and elves alike. And you thought YOU had to face adversity?

It's not too bad. She inherited pointy ears, skill with human weapons, AND long life!

Life is good.

...Death is not.

If you're wondering where the weird name came from, it's from Elvish root words in The Silmarillion, which is an entire history of Middle Earth.

Broken down, the words are:

  • Galen="green"
  • din (with an accent over the i)="silent"
  • wen="maiden"

Don't take the name to literally mean "green silent maiden"...It's just a sort of combination of my (the real human typing this) characteristics. For instance, I'm a little obsessed with online quizzes, and element quizzes always say my element is earth, especially because I have brown hair and hazel eyes.

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