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Mission Statement

Job Description/Priority Tasks

to develope members of the DEM who are totally commited to the DEM WORK ETHIC OF BARRICADE,HEAL,REVIVE,KILL

Skill Priorities

Core Requisites: (All must be acquired before graduation)

  • Free Running (Essential)
  • Pistol Training and Shotgun Training (Combat)
  • Construction (Essential)

Officer Candidate Sets: (For those recruits identified as potential officer meterial, they are required to acquire one of the following sets)

  • Advanced Pistol Training and Advanced Shotgun Training (Combat Oriented)
  • Bargain Hunting/Shopping (Supply Oriented)
  • Necrotech Employment/Lab Experience (Support Oriented)
  • Diagnosis/First Aid (Support Oriented)

Mission Priorities

Weapons & Resuply

in the immediate areas of the SW ACADEMY grounds are all three major resource building (FIRE,POLICE,HOSPITAL)ALL THESE ARE TO BE KEPT AT VS2 BY STAFF any recuit joining with construction may assist

Graduation Requirements

level 5 is the bench mark for graduation the requierd levels are: 1 free running 2 pistol trg 3 first aid 4 construction 5 shotgun trg taken skills in this order for self preservation and speed of aquiring exp

Promotions and Advancement

Chain of Command

commendant Big Red McCARDEL senior instuctor Doberman Guy assistant instructor captain Baklajanets administration Winnan and officer Plaz

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