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Gina Semple
Abbreviation: Gee
Group Numbers: Just me.
Leadership: Umm...
Goals: Pulling people from sucky zambahdom.
Recruitment Policy: You wanna help, get waders & jump in.
Contact: DEM Revivification Requests or the discussion area.


Surviving. I try to keep people human. Long as I'm alive, I'll get to you pretty quick. Sometimes it can take a couple days because I run out of syringes and have to go north to dig for 'em. Oh, yeah--I hang out in the catacombs below that creepycool cemetery in Danversbank.


I'm Gina. I grew up with money and nothing better to do than get things I wanted. It's pretty dicey using money or sex to keep a corpse from ripping your head off, so my worldview's changed a bit. I bring people back from the dead now because, well, it's pretty cool, I guess. Whatever.


Danversbank, usually at the cemetery at (93,97). Just let me know where on the Request Tool.

Also, let me know in the discussion area (see that tab up there?) if anyone is griefing you or we have a rotter in line. That's a no-no.


I like having people owe me something instead of wanting something from me. And the look on their face when they see what they've done to their Prada or Armani.


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