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Starting Occupation: Office Worker
Group Membership: The 'Sards
Goals: protect and rescue weak surviors
Username: Gizz94
More details: Urban Dead profile

History: Malton was his city since he was borned. When city wasn't enclave of survivors he was just a citizen working at office. 3 Days after "Malton Aramgeddon" as he calls it he became zombie. Long, Long time he was just a monster without brain. But later he wanted to change something, so he get Revived. First days as a human again was really hard for him. He was just walking at the city looking for some friendly and safe places. Then he found Fort Creedy. It was great place, when he spent big part of his life. When Fort Creedy get battled by zeds, he starts his looking for friendly place again. And then he found Frossard Place Police Department where The 'Sards were living. Soon he has joined them and get much experience, helping others. But later he got infected by an zed and got Brain Roted. Reviving to human was really hard, but he did it. Now he must be really carefull for his life.

Goals: As he says "I am here to protect and rescue weak survivors". Important thing- he uses only Shotgun, sometimes changed for fire axe when out of ammunition. He isn't type of scientist. Headshot is the best way of helping for him.

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