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A member of The Many, DARIS and the Kindergarten Cult.

Admin of an unofficial Urban Dead forum.

Creator of the Firefox map extension.

glitchkrieg is one of the newest members of the UD community, having created his first character in late December 2006. He has a small right hand due to suffering from Poland Syndrome, just like his idol Jeremy Beadle. When the first unofficial forums came up, glitch-to-the-K-BAYBEE was one of the first to strap up and start spamming. He and Biff Webster (FUCK YEAH) were the two most homoerotic members at the time. Once DARIS was formed, glitchkrieg was also put in his place by Ludwig.

After a long vacation, he wrecked the original forums and setup rival forums full of spyware and adverts, to make a fortune off of Kevan's work. Known for being strict about children, he was a prime target when morons tried to post abominations of literature. The most famous of which, Byrant Dilstar (who?), was banned after only a few posts for being less than thirteen years old, which is a disgraceful IQ even for a glass of water. This outraged Ludwig and he began a poorly-executed annoyance campaign by setting up his own free forums somewhere. He is very proud of the 10 WHOLE MEMBERS he has on his board, despite at least half of them being from SA. But at least he has his mod colour back.

Not wanting to watch the forums he worked so hard to build up burn to ashes around him thanks to a few people with too much funny, Ludwig left the boards, citing that SA had ruined the boards and the game (via their mass PKing).

Later, glitchkrieg decided that SA was not neatly as powerful as he had once thought, and so he joined in their tyranny and UPPED the pure awesomeness out of game by a factor of TENFOLD'S (FIVE). glitchkrieg has taken back the seat of his pants and vows to fight the tyranny of Ludwig and his corrupt modship, his use of the colour BLACK and the obvious hidden agendas.

glitchkrieg's user page was copied with a few edits by Ludwig.

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