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Gods Prototype

Some called him a monster.

Others called him a saint.

To those who have felt his wrath, he is the harbinger of the Rot.

The highly charismatic leader of Rot from the Moors Death Cult wing, The Cult of the Rot.

The early Years

As a young bah bah zombah, Gods Prototype began his new perfect zombie life with Big Bash II. Much tasty harman meat was to be had, and the glorious BARHAH was not to be ignored then. As BB2 was finishing it's crushing campaign, GP signed on with Lebende Tote. The Totes used to be a force to be reckoned with in Grigg Heights, but with changing game mechanics, human and zombie alike began to float away from Griggs, and with the lack of tasty human meat, GP was craving more.

The peashooter experiments

When Gods Prototype was a maturing zombie, like all adolescent zombies act from one time or another, he craved something more out of the game. He abandoned the Totes , going on hiatus for nearly three months, and eventually meeting peashooter, a struggling scientist type insistent that he could 'help' the zombies. Though his experiments were a little unusual, they were a fantastic growing experiment, and an uncanny friendship with the harman grew. This friendship eventually led to the Quartly Study Group's lecture series, as peashooter eventually became a humble librarian, and Gods Prototype gave the infamous 'zombies are people too' speech that would eventually be implemented in the holy texts of the Rot.

The Cult of the Rot

After the epitome with 'zombies are people too,' Gods Prototype returned to Griggs with a new mission. He signed on with Rot From The Moors and began trying to be consistently revived so that he could preach the doctrine of the Rot to the misguided harmanz. Gods Prototype suffers human form only so that he can properly communicate with the imperfect humans and to more ably usher them fourth into the glorious Rot. On April 17th, 2009, The Cult of the Rot was officially founded as the death cultist wing of Rot From the Moors.