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Even when he's alive, he still looks like he's dead.

All About Bob

One of many who died in the early outbreaks, Grarghal Bob roamed the streets of Malton for months. In the middle of that, there was one really bad week in which he kept on getting revived, only to be gnawed on by Zombies again later that day. All this death and revivification business has not done wonders for Bob's complexion. He's got lots of little pockmarks now.

Also, it seems he's gotten a bit unstable, and is a mite unpredictable. Treat with caution, and whatever you do, don't wave a red handkerchief in front of him. He might charge.

What Bob Likes

  • Chinese food
  • Banjos
  • That scene in The Matrix: "Guns. Lots of guns."
  • Cirocco -- she said she thinks his pockmarks are cute

What Bob Doesn't Like

  • Having his brains eaten. Again.
  • People who make fun of his pockmarks.

It's Really Okay

Bobhalo.png All Hail Bob
Go ahead and worship.

I didn't make it, but damn, it's appropriate.

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