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A member of Knights of St. Jude.

Also known as Jonny America, the former captain of the football team now leads the Knights of St. Jude. He also has frequent impromptu poetry readings, cause that's how Jonny rolls.

Favourite Quotes from NARC

For the past few months I have been trying to make the New Arkham Revive Club see reason on their terrible revive point choice. This has yielded some choice comments from NARC, which I share for you here.

  • We don't negotiate with terrorists.

--User:NARC Man on why NARC has ended all dialogue on the issue.

  • Yes, we can take credit for everything going right and everything going wrong being your fault. Since we started working here things have gotten better. While you were here things got worse. Cause and effect.

--User:Figgy demonstrating post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

  • "The only pro is that there are already zombies there." That is the only thing that matters.

--User:NARC Man pointing out why BWPD is a great revive point.

  • Anyone who sleeps in a PD deserves to die

--User:Figgy on why losing a police station is no big deal. My favourite quote to date.

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