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Might as well put something here. I'm Grigori, and you'll probably only see me on the suggestions page. That's because that's really the only thing I know how to do. I'm a member of the now defunct Disgruntled Heroes on Urban Dead and frequent the Proboards as a moderator. I also run Radio KZMB, when I'm alive. My primary profile is:

Zambah Profile is:

Mall defence1.PNG Defender of the Malls
This user is not on a sightseeing mission. He is touring Malton on business. Mall Tour business.

I also have a survivor in the Pescodside Defense Alliance.

PDa till the end.jpg PDA, 'till the end
This survivor is a member of the Pescodside Defense Alliance.

I have 1 suggestion in Peer Reviewed, Bloodstains, and one that didn't go to PR which I have completely forgotten. I think it was a shovel or something. My Criminals suggestion also got rejected. Bloodstains has since become implemented, which I consider a great honor.

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.

PulpFiction.jpg Pulp Fiction
Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say what one more goddamn time.
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