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I am user GrimReaperCAC (level 41 Civillian - Firefighter) in the game Urban Dead. I am founder and admin of the Techious forums.

Currently doing

Nomadic, wandering around, killing, healing, reviving, barricading etc. Generally doing my bit for the survivor cause. Location changes on a regular basis, depending on what I feel like doing.

Notable Milestones

Joined - 02/03/2006
Level 21 (Maxed human levels) - 20/04/2006 (49 days)
Level 37 (All skills except Brain rot) - 15/05/06 (74 days)
All skills introduced after this date (such as Radio Operation) were bought on my first login after release or when I next die (if it's a Zombie Skill).

Works in Progress

Power Stations (Suggestion)

OK, I've seen a lot of power station suggestions, all of which usually get shot down in flames for complexity or unworkability. I thought I would have a go at creating a workable suggestion. Please note that this is a work in progress, if you wish to contribute to or comment on this suggestion, please use my talk page. If you wish to use this suggestion on the main suggestions page or as a basis for your own suggestion, please put this at the beginning;

Note: This suggestion was origionally by GrimReaperCAC, however that user does not take responsibility for this suggestion in its current form on this page.

Now then, the suggestion;

New Items;

  • Tool Kit. This would have the same search odds as Wirecutters and would take up 2 inventory spaces, being that they are very bulky.

Changes to existing items;

  • Wirecutters now have a use.
  • Fuel Cans would not appear in Power Stations to prevent self sufficiency. The RP for this would be that all the fuel in the Power Stations has gone into the generators.

New Skills;

  • Electrician. This would be necessary in repairing the power stations' equipment and the power lines. It would be a subskill of Construction, costing 100XP.

The Power Stations;

The power stations would each have 4 different peices of machinery, with one in each corner (2 per corner for the Eastern power station, as it is only 2 squares). These peices of machinery are permenant but can be damaged, with the same damage resilience as generators, except that when "destroyed" they would remain as damaged and unfunctional until repaired. No repairs can be carried out in ransacked power station squares.

  • Turbine
  • The turbine is located in the NW corner (or North square).
  • It can be repaired for 5AP by people with the Electrician skill, wirecutters and a tool kit.
  • Room descriptions;
  • (When damaged) There is a battered turbine here.
  • (When fixed) There is a turbine here. It looks functional, but is currently offline.
  • (When running) There is a turbine here. It is running.
  • Transformer
  • The transformer is located in the NE corner (or North square).
  • It can be repaired for 5AP by people with the Electrician skill, wirecutters and a tool kit.
  • Room descriptions;
  • (When damaged) This is a battered transformer here.
  • (When fixed) There is a transformer here. It looks operational, but is currently offline.
  • (When running) There is a transformer here. It is emitting a low humming noise.
  • Control Panel
  • The control panel is located in the SE corner (or South square).
  • It can be repaired for 5AP by people with the Electrician skill, wirecutters and a tool kit.
  • Room descriptions;
  • (When damaged) There is a smashed control panel here.
  • (When fixed) There is a control panel here. The lights are off.
  • (When running) There is a control panel here. The lights that cover it are blinking.
  • Fuel Tank
  • The fuel tank is located in the SW corner (or South square).
  • The fuel tank can be damaged to two different levels, each with the same resillience as a standard generator;
  • The first level of damage makes it unoperational, but still holds fuel.
  • The second level of damage means all the fuel has leaked out and it cannot hold any fuel until repaired.
  • Each level of damage can be repaired for 5AP by people with the Construction skill and a tool kit.
  • Clicking a fuel can while in the same square as a fuel tank will add 2% to the fuel tanks total hold. It uses up 1% every half hour (with the AP regeneration) when operational (when all the power station's components are working). It would cease operation when empty. With these figures it would take 50 cans to fill, and that would last a total of 2 days (and 2 hours) of constant operation without refuelling.
  • Room descriptions;
  • (2 damage) There is a cracked fuel tank here. A pool of fuel surroudns it. It is empty.
  • (1 damage) there is a battered fuel tank here. The pipes are broken, but the valves hold the fuel in. It is x% full.
  • (When fixed) There is a fuel tank here. It looks operational but the valves are closed. It is x% full.
  • (When running) there is a fuel tank here. Fuel flow through the pipes. It is x% full.
  • (Notes) The x% full is completely accurate based on the figures given above. When 100% full, the "It is x% full" messages would be replaced with "It is full" and when 0% full the "It is x% full" messages would be replaced with "It is empty".

Other buildings;

All other buildings would have a permenant fuse box. this would be damaged when the building is ransacked, meaning that building cannot receive power from the power stations. This could be repaired after the building has been cleared (the damage left by ransack gets in the way) for 2AP by people with the Electrician skill and wirecutters. There would be two messages for the fuse box;

  • (When broken) There are wires hanging out of the fuse box.
  • (when fixed) The fuse box appears to be operational.


When all 4 parts of the power station are fixed and there is fuel in the tank the power plant would be deemed operational. To receive any benefit from the power stations, both must be operational. The effect of both power stations being operational is the same ash aving a generator in every building with an operational fuse box. The portable generators will continue to run even if the power stations are operational. Phone masts and radio antennae can work of a power station powered building (with operational fuse box). The building descriptions would include the following messages;

  • (No operational power stations) The main lights are off. (It can be assumed for RP purposes that the generator powers emergancy lighting)
  • (1 operational power station) The main lights are flickering.
  • (2 operational power stations) the main lights are on.
  • (broken fuse box, 1 power station) The main lights are off, the street lamps outside flicker.
  • (broken fuse box, 2 power stations) The main lights are off, the street lamps outside emit a soft orange glow.
  • (open space, 1 power station) The street lamps flicker.
  • (open space, 2 power stations) The street lamps emit a soft orange glow.
  • (outside a building, 1 power stations) Lights flicker inside. The street lamps are flickering.
  • (outside a building, 2 power stations) Lights are on inside. The street lamps flicker.
  • Note - a running generator will make the outside message say "Lights are on inside." No generator and a broken fuse box will remove the message about internal light status.

What makes this power station suggestion different and final notes;

  1. It requires both power stations to be operational for any benefits. This means that survivors can't just take onepower station to give them a large upper hand in 1 part of the map. It also means zombie only need to assault 1 power station to stop he benefits.
  2. Buildings require an operational fuse box to work properly, meaning survivors can't just make a quick dash into unprotected buildings.
  3. Ransack will now cost survivors 3AP to return a building to normal, and having a zombie present prevents the use of the power stations completely in that building (can't fix fuse box with ransacked building, can't clear building with zombie present).
  4. Power stations cannot run on their own, requiring runners to collect fuel from other buildings.
  5. The power stations use a lot of fuel. A total of 48 cans (24 per station) is required for one day of opertaion.
  6. The power stations are independant, meaning an operational power station will continue to consume fuel even if the other power station isn't operational. This will waste fuel, meaning survivors have to co-ordinate defence of both power stations.
  7. All power stations and fuse boxes will be damaged to the maximum level when introduced.
  8. No XP would come from the power stations in any way.

Extra possibilities (not part of the suggestion, but could be considered);

  1. A short warning period could be allowed before the power stations are implemented, meaning there is a news message saying that they will be implemented a short time (few days) befre they are actually implemented.
  2. A new civillian class could be introduced with the Electrician skill, wirecutters and a tool kit. However this could be a zerg worry and would be the hardest class to level with (no combat/healing to begin with).


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