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This is my pet project of the moment ( 14:36, 6 January 2008 (UTC) ). I am cleaning up the glossary. Removing pages that dont belong, expanding those that do, occasionally demolishing old pages and starting over from scratch. If you are not me, then you must be here wondering why your favourite pages in the glossary suddenly look different, or you followed me from recent changes. Truth be told, i care about neither.

It takes several hours to rebuild a page, more if there need to be significant alterations or rebuilds (or, heavens forfend, a complete demolition and reconstruction from the ground up). This project will, as a result, take a considerable amount of time. I am doing it solo to maintain a consistent standard across all articles, as well as to give me something to do in my free time over the next few weeks and months.

Given how large a task this is, i have created this page to keep track of what has already been done and whats next up on my one man crusade.

Whenever i am to completely tear down a page and build something new, ill be leaving this template:

Hardhat.jpg This page is Condemned
Grim s hereby gives notice that this page, Grim s/Sandbox/Projects/Glossary, will soon be torn down to make way for an all new page. Very little original content (If any) will survive the transition. Please harvest whatever information you wish to keep for yourself now.

This is to give people a few days or hours in which to recover information they wish to retain for whatever purposes they want, or to try and plead in vain for the salvation of the page, which i have deemed to be so far below standard that not even repairs and expansion will suffice, and instead must be cleansed by the purging fires of annihilation before a new, proper article can rise from the scorched earth.

Project status

Pages rebuilt so far:
Pages built from scratch:
Other info

On top of all this, a large number of pages have been removed from the glossary as they didnt belong there. These include some pages regarding game information, such as building types, to user pages and other miscategorised trivia.

Upcoming target

My next target on this purge is the Trenchcoater article. This page will be completely demolished and rebuilt. It is unlikely anything will be retained. I have already written a considerable portion of the new page.

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