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Guimas Milhafre
Starting Occupation: Scout
Group Membership: LADAL
Goals: Run Club Hesse
Username: Guimas
More details: Urban Dead profile


Using DSS Satellite Phone - Contact 895-3632 don't forget to identify yourself.

Guimas Milhafre (before)

I decided to do an inter rail on my vacations with no particular direction and somehow I ended up in Malton with no money right in the middle of the outbreak.

Life in Malton

I got pushed out from the evacuation transports, as did many other who had no influence or importance to the authorities, not to mention private and corporate evacuations. In the first days I found shelter in some building with a few other panicked survivors and met some interesting fellows, so we shared the space, stories, worries and advise. One day searching a house I found a huge stash of Marijuana, i opened it up and this dazzling smell got loose, instantly I recognized the really great quality of the friendly plant. I prayed whomever left it there to be in a good place, and brought it to share with my friends. Those were some peaceful days, we all came up with some odd theories that the smell coming from our hideout was keeping zombies away or at least making them easy.

All that quietness gave us a chance to organize and prepare, soon we found ourselves ready to face the streets of Malton as a group. Finally we could help ourselves and the others.

The amazing discovery

One night heading to Santlerville to meet Malgahara I got careless I managed to get trapped outside. As a New Born LADALian i took that situation as a test or also an experience, so i pulled my special ocasion spliff and i grabbed the didgeridoo, i needed to see the zombies reaction with my eyes. I played loud and clear free from fear this was my moment of glory. As I was playing I noticed some movement in the dark I knew they were there, but not one came near me. Finally I got spaced out and fell asleep.

I wok up with some loud groanings and gun shots, as I raised my head there was this strange feeling. I looked at my leg and there were bite marks and by the look of it I was infected.

I hurried to find a building i could enter, each step I took i felt the my heart beating slower as the infection spread, then I heard a familiar whistle coming from behind, it was Malgahara, so he ran to me realizing something bad was about to happen. We didn't have any FAK's. To calm down he lighted a shorty just to keep me busy while he went to search a nearby hospital.

The sun was rising, I gazed at the sky contemplating its beauty, I was just about to finishing the sanctimonious joint, when a flare rushed in the sky 2 or 3 blocs to NE, almost immediately some dreaded zombies came from the shadows running towards the flare, I tried to run but my legs wouldn't obey, so I pulled myself trough the corner of a building, and my vision got blurred, and all the sound faded out. I saw what seemed to be a man running to me and sliding over his knees right by my side and all went black.

It was Malgahara, he came just a little late. He dragged me into a ruined building and stood by my side, something made him think there was hope.

I rose my self as a zombie and I tried to talk but only strange stupid sounds could I pronounce, Mahalgara held some really big joint and said "Can you understand me, wait up don't make me freak out, if you don't want to smoke this I will have to kill you!" it made me laugh, i sat down for just a second when i felt this rush and anger inside growing I looked at Malgahara and I felt just like killing him was the only right and natural thing to do.

At that time, 2 crazy people rushed inside, i recognized them as egoz and Pitxena, the same feeling grew for them too. Malgahara must have noticed my eyes changing as he said something i couldn't understand any more, egoz stepped forward holding his axe, than Pitxena stretched her harm and offered me a joint they said something that again I didn't understand, the smoke from the joint reached my nose and It was a warm feeling. I took the joint but i didn't remember how to smoke, i looked at them, and they were making mimic at me. After that it took only 2 or 3 puffs and the anger faded. I sat down again and we laughed for a while.

They took me to St. Emelias church and Pitxena not being able to revive yet, went in to a Necrotech building to explain what happened to the other more experienced Scientists. Most of them were sceptical, but some agreed it was worth giving it a chance.

Now there is a theory about Marijuana effects making zombies friendly enough to interact with survivors.

As I was still high when I woke as a zombie it was easy to convince me to smoke. Any other zombie will attack you if not under the effects, so there is no reason to waste a good joint or life, waving them to all zombies you encounter. It is highly recommended you smoke it really fast before the zombie kills you.


I'm part of the group Life After Death After Life

Weapon or tool?

It may look like I use a fire Axe and sometimes a crowbar, it actually is my Geologist Pick Hammer. This is a one hand fast swinging pick/hammer made of a single forged hard steel piece. It is build to crack hard rock, so it cracks zombies skulls and barricades pretty easily and it is easier to handle than a Fire Axe. If you happen to see highly spiritual zombies lying on the floor, with the third eye wide open I may be cleaning the blood of my hammer in the nearby building, stop by and say hello.



December 1st, 2012 - He threatened us! The wierd guy at the Club, one day he broke his silence to "remind" us that it was the The_Dribbling_Beavers policy to keep Club Hesse and the near dark buildings dark for security reasons, well I haven't seen any action from those guys since before my memory lapse so I asked him what was going on with that, why where they absent. While I was out he went nuts. Malgahara told me he demanded an apology and threatened us... An apology? For what, caring? So that ringed a bell in my mind, the Beavers where never like that, he is not one of them and he is posing himself as one. No wonder he does nothing about the zeds in the mall, always hangs at dark buildings and is so promptly available to kill a genny! He is an assassin, a hit man, he just lingers there until he gets the call. That can not be... our club... once a happiness growing facility now a killers hide-out. We have to do something. We have temporarily relocated our growing room, pretty soon we will be harvesting buds, there is only a little left to smoke, we have been saving for danger moments, but the suburb has been quite zed clear so we'll have enough till the new babies are ready. Couldn't have done it alone for sure.

November 25th, 2012 - 2nd entry - I found him! I found Malgahara, he must have smelled the wonderful smell I've been spreading all over Heytown, I heard a grown outside the door and there he was, empty look on his zombie eyes, made me happy even seeing him like that, maybe the guy outside draw him near or maybe a distant memory doesn't matter. I knew I had to keep that syringe. Things are looking good!

1rst Entry Sunday scouting day The suburb looks very calm, killed a zombie outside the club and saved this guy, told him that he would be safer inside, but he must have a death wish, spent all night outside and by the looks of it would be staying outside tonight, maybe that zombie was someone dear... I bet if those 7 zombies inside the mall come out he will run inside. Crossed the suburb, to check out how things are, not much activity, all buildings standing and a bit deserted. Wonder if there is any siege nearby, I don't hear anything unusual on the radio. Anyway got to deal with those stragglers, the mall is a mess and I need to find more ammo.

November 22nd, 2012 - Found a genny and fuel, it took way much more time to rebuild the club than I expected but its done now, there was a man there that didn't look very friendly. I don't now why but I don't trust him, maybe the fact that he stood there doing nothing while I was working didn't do his image any good. I was too tired to barricade so I went to the the Syms Museum for the night, woke up with the familiar zombie brake in mayhem someone was killed, I tried to stop the zed, nearly nailed it but had to run away, couldn't be caught passing out in an open building, all that fuss would surely attract more of them. Still to tired to work I went back to the club the next day to check if someone had lent a hand and there he was, krazeeeman is his name I think. And still no barricades, plus I think he broke the genny. I guess the years hanging around in a group and all the time I can't recall, probably infected, made me forget how to go about by my self. Missed my step today and fell of a ruined building and hurt myself, I guess I panicked because the I ran to a building I mistaken for an entry point and got my self locked out for a couple of hours, maybe the barricade policy has changed I was sure the Bowles Museum was an entry point. Need to be more careful, also pack more fire power. The good news is that I found a small bag with 3 buds amazingly well preserved when I was working at the room Pitxena used to sleep. First joint in 3 it goes.... magic!

November 11th, 2012 - Man, woke up yesterday at the Mester Square, pretty bad shape. Only today I realised that 3 years have passed since my last memories... The siege at the Mall, the stash missing and no way to manage to stay cool as zombies... Besides being injured I ran to the club, only to find it ruined, as was the mall. Spent last day looking for FAKs at the Cornelius General Hospital and making some minor scouting, Heytown and Santlerville look pretty safe besides some ruined buildings. I'll be staying at the Morris Building gathering my strength. I need to get the club running again, where are the rest of the guys? I wonder if someone took the stash somewhere else safe, didn't see any evidence of the growing room equipment between the wreckage... starting everything from scratch will take so much time. Need to find someone to help me... Man... 3 years...

July 13th, 2009 - Today the club was pretty calm, a few survivors sleeping in rooms upstairs or in the studio, so me and Malgahara finally got time to throw some different kind of shots, we paid a visit to the Hall NT Building, a strong horde of 39 Zombies (the Dead Bunnies people call them), I recognised a few of them from some close encounters we've had in the past. We took 3 of them, and could have done more if we had light, dumped the bodies secured the doors and headed back to the club for some tasty Green Dragon. Fell asleep in the studio holding my guitar. --Guimas 17:43, 13 July 2009 (BST)

July 10th, 2009 - I have this crazy organization on me, seems like they fear I'm some kind of double agent involved in illegal stuff, the bastards shot me like 5 times, only a few days ago I started to understand they weren't random depraved survivor with uncontrollable assassin instinct, when the guy said something about the Zerg. Don't know what this is all about, I just know I didn't do nothing wrong. Anyway who are these people to judge anything? They made us loose the club, the bunnies were attacking and this stupid organization kills me instead of helping (two times in a row). Sure hell wont serve them drinks at the Club, they better stay out.

June 18th, 2009 - I made it to Club Hesse! After being revived by Medic Rick at the St Swithun's Church I manage to get in and spend the first night on Inder Library. Than headed to Sixtus General Hospital to load some FAKs and get stitched up. A guy came in real bad shape so I gave the doctors a help with him. I couldn't wait any longer so I hurried to the club, it was dark, no generator so I went to the mall and turned the hardware store upside down.Brought a generator to the club but I didn't have time to find any fuel, well can't find the stash in the dark, no splifs for me. Feels good to be "home" even if the lights are out. Maybe I can find someone here to help me run this thing. The area sounds calm, maybe too calm.... wonder about the rest of the guys --Guimas 03:45, 18 June 2009 (BST)

June 16th, 2009 - Dead all dead. Everyone's gone. I don't know what happened yet, waited for my revival at the St Swithun's Church, and woke up to find out that a year has passed. I'm heading to the Club, but I fear everyone else is gone, just hope the stash is well hid, I really need to get some THC on my system and start all over again. One year... man what have I been doing???--Guimas 15:54, 16 June 2009 (BST)

February 14th, 2008(Lupercalia) -Early morning in Club Hesse, everything still packed up in crates in a room with some survivors, so signs of real business ahead, I heard a transmission from the St. Columbanus's Hospital, shouting repeated zombie break in.

I made my way through the buildings heading north to santlerville. 16 rounds in pistol. I've been helping out in the siege up there for almost 2 days now. People bringing in necronet scan maps, shouting "there are 56 zombies outside the building", I thought we could see and hear them pretty clear, specially when they burst through the barricades. The only use I can remember for that piece of paper was to clean the blood from my face.

At night, when I was about to get ready to come back to the club, they decided to charge harder, the cades wouldn't hold, so I had to stay and help. I spent my last few minutes of self awareness, pushing cades over zombies, holding chairs on my hands, fighting off zombies with my legs, pushing out the corpes stil trying to bight me!

They finally turned all to me, as I was stepping too much in the way, the dreaded bastards messed me up pretty bad, but I manage to take one more down with my axe just about jumping to the Hall Building, this time I checked to see if it was still standing, still the landing was rough... i pass out, hope someone at the necrotech remembers how to cure an infection before I die. -- Guimas 04:37, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

February 5th, 2008 - The BigBash II is in santlerville, I was in St Boniface when a group of 8 Zombies broke through the barricades and started destroying everything, killing and dragging people out and i couldn't find my friends among the survivors. I tried to barricade but it was impossible with all those creatures on my way, so i opened fire and killed 1 and almost killed the other, but the doors were still open wide, and more zombies were coming in, i managed to close the doors and push some furniture, when i realized that everyone in the building had been killed or was dying and they were coming to me, so i ran upstairs with all the strength left in me and with my last breath i jumped to the Popham Auto Repair just south. When I hit the ground, it collapsed beneath me... Last thing i remember is noise and pain. -- Guimas 01:45, 5 February 2008 (UTC)


Poker Alhinho,a firefighter currently joined with the MFD (DEM) and is now in mission at Wray Heights.

Zina Marina, a NechroTech Scientist hanging around Roywood/Judgewood