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HK-50 Model Protocol Droid 'Functions' Menu
Protocol Overveiw
1. Statement: HK-50 is capable of negotiating the termination of hostilities - and facilitating communications - with any organic (living or non-living) as well as any non-organic.

2. Statement: HK-50 is programmed to be highly protective of this unit's current Master.

3. Statement: HK-50's programming forbids the disclosure of the identity of HK-50's Master to any third party.

4. Statement: HK-50 is fully equipped to act as a translator or long-range courier between HK-50's Master and any third party, organic or non-organic.

5. Statement: HK-50 is capable of manual labor duties.

Return To HK-50 Main Terminal

1. Clarification: Communication may be as persuasive or as passive as HK-50's Master desires.

2. Clarification: Protection routines include:

  • Intervention in an altercation between HK-50's Master and a third party.
  • Maintenance to the body of HK-50's Master.
  • Restoration of HK-50's Master.
  • The unrequested facilitation of communications with any party which assaults HK-50's Master.
  • The inability to harm HK-50's current Master.

3. Clarification: HK-50's programming does, however, allow HK-50 to disclose the Master's identity to a third party if HK-50's Master desires it. Otherwise, full confidentiality is maintained, during and after HK-50's employment with HK-50's Master.

4. Clarification: HK-50's vocabulator does not come fully equipped for the translation of unusual dialects or conversation which is incomprehensible even to native speakers. HK-50 will provide all possible interpretations of the statement to both HK-50's Master and the third party.

5. Clarification: HK-50 is not a model intended for sheer manual labor. HK-50 is not a maintenance droid, a cargo droid, or a construction droid. However, HK-50's programming includes these functions as a secondary purpose.


Life-Cycle Termination




Courier Service

Translation Service

Building and Structure Maintenance

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