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Chibihanahead-sm.png This is a roleplay character, but I am not against non-roleplayers interacting with her, as she is nothing out of the ordinary, and any link she has with other players is conveyed with her name and in-game description. I welcome any interaction that goes beyond the usual hacking-her-down, and appreciate those who check out her description(s) before interacting with her in-game. :) Thanks!

Survivor Description


A young lady, possibly no older than 17, with dirtying blonde hair and frantic amber-red eyes. She seems almost lost, or looking for someone, or some comfort. Or a shotgun. Shotguns are comfort. With the frightened look on her face, she clearly needs one. (in-game)

Despite being in her late teens, Hana can be particularly clingy towards her mother, especially with all that's been going on in Malton since they arrived. This is because Hana was orphaned at a particularly young age, and became sensitive to the effects of loneliness. She cannot bear to be without the only family she has, her adoptive mother Shuki, and thus is willing to use any means possible to protect her.

She has no particular affinity with any weapons, but has keen eyes and steady hands, so she has always considered training in marksmanship, for self-defence and a hobby (i.e. clay pigeon shooting), despite disagreeing with the common use for guns. Though she could offer some sympathy for zombies, having been in their shoes herself not long ago, she isn't about to let it get in the way of putting zeds down to stop them from pulling them back into their ranks.

Tattooed along her body are crescents, arrowheads and thick stripes, in a violet colour. She probably had these tattoos done some time after Shuki adopted her, and they make her look rather exotic. Despite her taste in bodily expression in terms of tattoos, she only has each ear pierced once, in the lobes, and would probably never style her hair radically, being a somewhat sensible girl. If a bit naive.

Zombie Description


The decaying corpse looked to have been a teenager when alive, strands of platinum blonde and white hair falling out of the rotting skull. The clothes hanging on the stiff, dead flesh and bone seem quite tattered. Its face conveys fright. (in-game)

It is quite frantic, will attack when startled, but otherwise wanders, trying to sate its hunger, and at the same time, seek out someone who will recognise it. Namely, its adoptive mother in life, Shuki Arduenna. Having caught her scent, it has hung around, making attempt to find her, but at the same time, not wanting to be seen - if its mother in life saw it like this, whatever was still working of its heart would break.

A notable thing about what flesh remains of it, is that it seems identifiable as having been female, with a darkly-tanned skintone, as though it were a resident of Egypt before Malton. Some of the skin seems to be tattooed with violet stripes, arrowheads and crescents; most obvious on the forehead, with a crescent moon, and the cheeks, each with a single wide arrowhead some way under the eye. It seems the tattoos were done a very long time ago, but had no wear other than the typical decay a zombie suffers.

There has been a pattern observed in the zombie's wanderings: it will often rest at club or pub buildings. It doesn't seem to attack very often, but may strike out at other zombies, or barricades, in attempt to temper itself.

Latest Sightings and News

17th August, 2007

I'm so scared... Even though me and mom are safe inside the hospital, what happens if zombies get in? I only have a bunch of first aid kits and a pistol clip; I couldn't find much else outside the hospital, and the only thing in this place is medical stuff. How am I supposed to defend myself?

15th August, 2007

I was told there was a mall and a hospital near the building I was in... I kinda needed it, because a zombie got in, and I thought I was gonna die again! I ran to the hospital... though I didn't expect... mom!? I found her... !

  • Hana and Shuki have been reunited outside Sixtus General Hospital.

13th August, 2007

  • Outside the Ryan Building lies the stirring body of a human matching the description of Hana Arduenna, where it had been thrown out of the Ryan Building. It would seem the doctor in the building took pity on the zombie that attacked him, and revived it: thus confirming that the zombie was, in fact, Hana Arduenna.
  • The now-living Hana took refuge in the Ryan Building, frightened and unarmed.
Hana Arduenna said "H-Hello? Has anyone seen my mum... ? Her name's Shuki, she's got long purple hair..."

12th August, 2007

  • After being mauled down by one of its kin, the zombie decided to maul what it thought was the aggressor, later growing bored, reentering the Ryan Building and mauling a doctor situated in there, before its brain became clouded and it swayed on the spot.

11th August, 2007

  • The zombie seems to have remembered how to open and close doors at this point, its brain likely having become slightly less clouded. It entered Sixtus General Hospital and began mauling random people, but pulled itself away in panic and fled to the Ryan Building, dragging itself in and shutting the doors.
  • Some survivors entered the building during her rest, shooting her down and throwing the corpse out. She later stood up and attacked someone who was also standing outside, seeming quite upset and aggravated.

10th August, 2007

Somebody has spraypainted Go for the eyes, Boo! GO FOR THE EYES! onto a wall.
  • Having moved from Club Lambe, the zombie has returned to Santlerville, finishing off two injured survivors outside St Spyridon's Hospital in what seems to be a fit of fear and upset, and moving on to Heytown, settling with a horde outside Sixtus General Hospital.

9th August, 2007

  • The zombie seems to have gone back to wandering, having shuffled on to the Brimblecombe Arms in Randallbank, taking refuge there.
  • Later in the day, the zombie was reported to have moved to the Huntley Heights suburb, pacing in Club Lambe.

8th August, 2007

  • After shambling around, being put down and getting back up again for some days, the zombie has settled in Santlerville, in Club Bowerman. It had been hovering around Botting Towers previously, having caught a scent, but lost it. It is suspected that, if this zombie is the missing daughter of Shuki Arduenna, the scent it caught was hers.

July 31, 2007

  • The zombie being observed is reported to have made its first kill, though scouts watching the act report the oddity of the zombie being almost frightened throughout, and feeding minimally.

July 27th, 2007

  • Shuki Arduenna issued a description of her daughter. Blonde hair, amber-red eyes, fairly dark skin, violet tattoos, blue tanktop, denim jeans, black steel-toe combat boots.
  • A zombie matching the description given was spotted in Rhodenbank, attacking the barricades of random buildings panickedly.

July 25th, 2007

  • If the city weren't in complete disarray due to the zombie infestation, the survivor Shuki Arduenna would be able to report her missing daughter.
  • A zombie with blonde-white hair, violet tattoos and tattered blue clothes has been spotted shambling about Rolt Heights.



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