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The Fortress
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Urban Dead Information

Urban Dead Profile: Hawke2019
Joined Urban Dead: April 30th 2009
Specialization: Field Surgeon, Medical Science
Group Affiliation: The Fortress
Favorite Quote: The sign, which says: "Do not, under any circumstances, open this door!"
Of course, I've read it. Why do you think I want it opened? To see why they wanted it shut, of course.
This exchange contains almost all you need to know about human civilization.
At least, those bits of it that are now under the sea, fenced off or still smoking.


It had been quite some time since I was last deployed. They hadn't told us where we were going. They wouldn't even tell us where. The only thing we knew was we were specifically chosen to be part of a top-priority Special Operations unit. It didn't take much time to realize how grim the situation really was. Naturally something would end up going horribly awry, requiring specialists to be called in for cover-ups and sudden emergencies, but this, this was nothing like that. The unease in the drop ship was palpable, even the officer seemed to give off a feeling of uncertainty. I focused on the hum of the engines, trying to distract myself from the eerie feeling surrounding us all. As I stared down at myself my mind wandered to my arm, reminding me of why I hadn't been deployed for so long. Left hand, right arm, legs, and spine, all partially or fully reconstructed with bionic engineering. Of course now they almost seemed real, they felt real, worked as if they had never been damaged. But it was hard to not notice it, always there, body not seeming to remember the difference but memory dictating otherwise. I suddenly snapped back into reality, as a warning light blinked, alerting us we only had 3 minutes before we reached the drop zone. The expression on the officers face changed, demanding attention, everyone slowly looked to him, apprehending the briefing to follow. It was then that we learned that a biological mutation had occurred in Malton, essentially creating that which we would call the undead. Had these come from anywhere else and under nearly any other circumstances we wouldn't even give it a second thought and write it off as insanity, but this, it was real. A second warning light went off, a sound followed blaring at a disturbing frequency to alert us there was 10 seconds before drop-off. As we hit the landing zone I forced my body out the bay doors, rolling as I hit the ground 10 feet below. The drop ships bolted away, as if they were forced into some horrible nightmare and finally had found a means to escape, or perhaps it only seemed that way due to the incredibly grim situation. We regrouped inside a nearby Hospital, it was one of the buildings that had survived the initial uprising which occured near the source. The building was empty, filled with the eerie glow of failing lights, it was our initial target. Faint noises could be heard sounding within the walls of the semi-lighted building. As we carefully made our way through the main lobby, the entire squad appeared to be slowly unnerving, as if it were a trembling building that the slightest movement could collapse. As we apporached the stairwell the faint sounds became a low, afflicted groaning, sending perceptible shuddering throughout the squad. We approached the door carefully, hesitating to open it, dreading what would be on the other side.

Fortress Timeline

  • May 1st 2009 - Joined the Fortress
  • June 8th 2009 - Graduated from Boot Camp
  • June 8th 2009 - Assigned to Team Battlehawk as General Enforcement
  • June 18th 2009 - Became a Fortress Ambassador
  • June 26th 2009 - Promoted to Freedom Fighter
  • July 8th 2009 - Appointed as Drill Sergeant
  • July 16th 2009 - Promoted to Engagement Squaddie
  • August 13th 2009 - Promoted to Deployment Soldier
  • September 17th 2009 - Double Promoted to Battalion Ranger
  • October 26th 2009 - Promoted to Assault Officer
  • November 10th 2009 - Elected to Fortress Council
  • December 5th 2009 - Stepped down as Drill Sergeant & Joined Team Anaconda
  • December 15th 2009 - Appointed as Moderator
  • December 25th 2009 - Promoted to Chief Assault Officer
  • March 9th 2010 - Promoted to Campaign Warrior
  • May 7th 2010 - Promoted to Campaign Master
  • June 15th 2010 - Council Term Completed
  • August 2nd 2010 - Promoted to Havoc Knight
  • August 2nd 2010 - Appointed Lieutenant of Team Anaconda

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Fortress History

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